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The Bachelor

Doesn’t everyone want to believe in soul mates?  Just that ONE person in the whole world they’re supposed to be with?  Of course for me there is, but that’s beside the point 🙂

A topic discussed ad nauseum in college, it’s still fascinating to me.  Back then, I didn’t like to hear devotionals or talks to the contrary of the illusive soul mate.  Although, Spencer W. Kimball’s infamous talk on Marriage and Divorce was studied with vigor and remains one of my very favorite talks on what real love and marriage really is – a lot of selflessness and hard work.

But remember how hard it was to keep dating and wondering when you were going to find, “The One?” Ugh.  The whole process was a gigantic roller coaster – the giddy highs and terrible lows.

Now, let’s take for instance, say, The Bachelor.  Oh shoot, now I have to admit it.  Here it goes:  Over the years I have had great disdain for this tv show.  I think the whole premise is ridiculous and the previews of scantily clad women can be plain amoral.  The bottom line is ratings – it’s a television show – and admittedly, they came up with a brilliant concept.  It’s Cinderella, true love, a fairy tale ending.  But I have mocked.

Well.  Two weeks ago Gregor had to be on campus late.  I opened my computer to do some writing.  But I needed some company.  I turned on the tv and The Bachelor was on.  It was only background noise.  At first I was able to write and not watch.  Then I’d write something and look up every once in awhile.

Two hours later I was sitting transfixed.  One week later I was pressing DVR in case I missed it.  Last night I felt giddy in anticipation!  Oh man, they did it again!  Sucked me right in.  I think this is what addiction feels like.  Honestly, the network does such an incredible job of making this show so watchable.  The people are are all so beautiful – perfect hair, nails, clothes.  Then you have Drisella and Anastasia the mean girls, the nice ones that get away, the tears, the fights, and this one hunk that everyone WANTS SO BAD!

This is what I think it boils down to:  The premise of the show is about power.  One nice, good-looking man has the power. And that is the only reason the girls want that one man.  They are competing.  They are trying to WIN.  Take another guy and put him in the same spot, and the girls would all think they were falling in love with that guy instead.  Ah!  It drives me mad.

And seriously, can you fall in love with one person while “trying out” other girls?

I like Brad.  He’s nice, a little intense, but he has a hard decision to make!  I like that he keeps saying, “I’m here to find my WIFE.”  He’s not looking for anything less.  Nice.  And they are all telling him how they have a “connection,” and “I’m falling in love with you.”  All the girls are swooning and sending “Pick me, pick me, please oh please pick me.  Oh Brad you’re breaking my heart,” telepathic messages.  They are reduced to tears when Brad doesn’t pay enough attention to them and when he sends someone home?  Oh dear…devastation.

Gregor came home last nigh and could not believe what I was watching – “This is so moronic, you’ve got to be kidding me, are you seriously watching this?”

Stop it,” I told him.  “Be quiet.”
“How can you watch this?”
“Can you believe that girl, Michelle?  She’s from Salt Lake City.”
“Oh geez.  Get rid of her.” (he shudders at the make-up)
“That’s Emily.  She’s really nice.”
“What about her?”
“Can’t stand her either.”
“He needs to get rid of her.”
“I know!  She’s so awful!”

I tell you, it’s impossible not to be drawn in.  And now I have to see who “wins.”  It is after all, the month of love.

Who do I hope he chooses?  I like the funeral director.  The conversation about her embalming and “draining the vein,” was hilarious.  And she’s so nice!  Then again, Emily is awful nice but can she get over her NASCAR-killed fiance?  Chantelle is nice but keeps crying.  Brit is sweet but we don’t know her that well yet…..Poor Brad!  So many choices.

Are you mocking me or have you been drawn in too?


Mr. Darcy

You can see it, can’t you?  The resemblance?

But only the BBC version.  Only Colin.
Years ago my mother, father, sister and I leaned closer and closer to the screen.  Complete fascination.  For you see, it really is a most wonderful story.
Striking!  They said.  Amy married Mr. Darcy.  And my father still calls him that sometimes.

It’s more than just the remarkable similarity of appearance.
It’s the mannerisms, the surly looks, the furrowed brow, the exasperating way he tells you what he thinks though it can’t possibly end well.  Then there is the occasional shyness, the lack of conversation for conversation sake.  He will will not compliment unless it is merited.  It is the critical eye, the intensity, the lack of tolerance for silly embarrassing giddiness.  And he hates, “cooing.”

But wait – there was more to Mr. Darcy, remember?  He’ll move heaven and earth because it’s the right thing to do.  He’ll go to great lengths to be a gentleman.  He was the one who melted my heart.
And he’ll smile when I clap my hands because I’m excited (then imitate me), and he’ll paint our bedroom pink because he knows I love the color.

Mr. Darcy, this one’s for you.


The Month of Love

I’m so happy it’s February.  I love this month.  Maybe because January is over.  Maybe because my favorite color is red and it’s everywhere right now!  Maybe because Pete and I have a birthday, or maybe it’s that Valentine holiday.

I love the idea of love, don’t you?  Here’s Cope when she was six.  I love this face.  She had the best facial expressions.  Oh I miss that six year old face!
Here’s us Pre-Paige. Sweet blessings. I love my babies.  And I love that boy on the left, Mr. Makechnie.
Our first valentine’s day he lived a block away from me.  I snuck into his room and dropped a ton of hershey’s kisses all over the floor and wrote a note:  “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on, will you be my valentine?”  I know – it’s so cheesy!  But as Katie used to say, “Everybody loves cheese, even if they won’t admit it.” 
I need some good cheese this year.  Got any?  I’d love to hear.

(p.s.  No. The rooster is STILL not dead.)