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Welcome to the Family

Last week was April vacation for the kids.  A whole week with mom!
This is fluffy boy, before his dad got his hands on him.  It’s hard to be shaggy around Gregor.  He frowns and furrows until finally…”Let’s give you a trim – just a little bit.”  Nelson protests and runs away but in the end, his hair gets chopped.
Nelson also wants to gain weight.  It’s a boy thing.  Actually, I used to drink raw eggs in chocolate milk.  I remained a shrimp.  Here he drinks Jillian Michaels’ protein powder in a milkshake.  Alas, I don’t think we’ve produced any Shaquille O’Neals.  Sorry, buddy.

I keep these ducks on my kitchen windowsill.  They remind me of my four little ducklings.  And spring break.
How to motivate children to be sweet cherubs for an entire week at home?  Mom bucks?  Each had $5 divided into little 25 cent “bucks” which they had to pay for fighting, being unkind, or talking back.  They got into it.  Today is payday.  I think we both made out.
My children are obsessed with more pets.  I received a hundred notes from Brynne requesting a turtle.  Sadly, the answer was always the same.  No.

We got a baby instead.  Cope came home on Friday and said, “Mom, you’re now a grandmother!”  This is Robert.  It’s for her school reproductive unit.  (Didn’t this used to be a HIGH SCHOOL project?)  She is paired up with a boy who said she better not make Robert “too preppy.”  

She printed out a picture from the internet and said, “doesn’t he look like me?”  Robert cannot be left unattended for an entire week.  Maybe I’ll get to hold him during track meets.  I don’t call him Robert.  I call him, “Sugah.”
Sadly, we won’t be welcoming any tomato plants into the family.  They all died.  When starting seeds you must get “seed starting” soil, not just “potting soil.” I can’t believe I did this.  Rookie mistake.  I don’t have the energy to start all over.  We’ll see what happens if I just start them outside this year.

Since there was no hope for a turtle, Brynne changed tactics and began writing notes about fish.  Notice the first girl name is, “Amy.”

She had her friends at school write me notes.

She appealed to daddy with “need” and mom with the checkbook.  Interesting.

A beautiful Sunday afternoon prompted a great dandelion project.  It took over a hour until all the little holes in the backyard table were filled.  Then we ate dinner on it.  And swatted the nasty black flies that have hatched.  Sometimes it’s real hard to enjoy spring in New Hampshire.  Pure torture.

So Brynne got her fish.  And she did pay for it.

And since Brynne got a fish, so did Cope and Paige.  Brynne paid for Paige’s fish and Cope used her babysitting money.  Paige named hers, “Violet,” except she says it wrong every time and calls it, “Violent.”  She messes with the water so much the fish has flopped out twice.  Violent probably looks at her like Nemo looked at that braces girl…HELP!  We’ll see if Violent lasts the week.

Did you know dandelion juice stains?  Real.  Bad.  Who needs clean clothes anyway, when you’ve got great art in the backyard?


Today I Like

1.  I like when my children sit down at the piano with bunny ears on. 

Or a sideways scout hat with sunglasses on.  It makes me laugh.  I also like that they are playing the piano.  My sweet eldest has been passed on to a different teacher for the spring because it’s just better that way for awhile.  For both of us.  It also makes me happy that I only have to start ONE more child at the piano.  
2. I like Ann Romney and I like Michelle Obama.  They’re both great, strong ladies who love their children and this country.  My ears turn deaf to the Mommy wars…yawn.  Women, please stop using stupid and devisive phrases and words to make yourself feel better.  Devisive is an adjective: tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.  I apologize if I’ve said stupid or devisive things.  I suppose it’s a casualty of being human.
3.  I love this quote in Kelly Rae Roberts’s house, (photo courtesy of featured on design mom this week.  I have a feeling that if I picked out pieces that didn’t match, they would just look like pieces that didn’t match.  I like that I don’t feel badly looking at other people’s homes anymore.  We all spend our time doing different and (hopefully!) worthwhile things.
4.  Like running.  I really like running.  I like Barbara and Edna and Grandpa in the kitchen at Proctor because while Gregor drives the kids to school, I run to Proctor, where he works.  But he arrives sooner than I do and sometimes has to get to early meetings.  So every day Paige runs into the kitchen to see her friends who are all at least 40 years older than her.  Even though they are very busy, they give her scrambled eggs and orange juice, teach her to peel carrots, make bread, create great works of art, and today taught her how to blow a bubble with her bubble gum.  They are so nice to her.  Paige cries when I run at a different time or don’t feel like going out, because she loves her Barbara and Edna and Grandpa so much. Sometimes she’s only with them for 15 minutes but it is a huge help to me.  Simple.  So kind.
5.  And since it’s National Poetry Month, I will share a poem I now adore.  And I only heard it last night when a little, almost-10-year-old girl, got up and faced a very large audience.  She reminded me of Scout from my very favorite Mockingbird book.  Her voice was clear and bright as she recited.  I wanted to capture the words in a bottle.  I wished I were a poet.  I must now discover the poet laureate, Billy Collins.

On Turning Ten
The whole idea of it makes me feel
like I’m coming down with something,
something worse than any stomach ache
or the headaches I get from reading in bad light–
a kind of measles of the spirit,
a mumps of the psyche,
a disfiguring chicken pox of the soul.

You tell me it is too early to be looking back,
but that is because you have forgotten
the perfect simplicity of being one
and the beautiful complexity introduced by two.
But I can lie on my bed and remember every digit.
At four I was an Arabian wizard.
I could make myself invisible
by drinking a glass of milk a certain way.
At seven I was a soldier, at nine a prince.

But now I am mostly at the window
watching the late afternoon light.
Back then it never fell so solemnly
against the side of my tree house,
and my bicycle never leaned against the garage
as it does today,
all the dark blue speed drained out of it.

This is the beginning of sadness, I say to myself,
as I walk through the universe in my sneakers.
It is time to say good-bye to my imaginary friends,
time to turn the first big number.

It seems only yesterday I used to believe
there was nothing under my skin but light.
If you cut me I could shine.
But now when I fall upon the sidewalks of life,
I skin my knees. I bleed. 

Billy Collins


What Made Ben Kingsley A Great Actor?

1)  It’s not a small thing to be married for 38 years.  Congratulations and humble thanks to my mother and father who have made it this far together.  My mother was 19 when they married, and one year later she had twin babies.  13 months later my sister was born.  I was four when my brother Eric was born, and seven when my brother Patrick came.  I used to carry him everywhere, like a mother cat carries her kitten in her mouth.  Once a photographer took a picture of me with him on my lap as I rode a big wheel all the way around our long neighborhood block.  He was less than a year old. Once we had a blind babysitter.  Oh my, times have changed.  But my parent’s are still married.

2)  Since I’m a big fan of Ben Kingsley, I really enjoyed this article I saw in Newsweek the other day.  A reminder:  Don’t be average.  Whatever you are or do, go beyond what you think you have.

3)  My article written for Deseret News was featured as a front page rotater (clap hands and do happy dance now). Thanks for reading, fb friends!  The front picture was taken by Gregor.  It shows me walking down the hill with Nelson in the stroller and Cope as a 4-year-old.  Oh sweet days.

I got the assignment yesterday morning and lucky for me, Paige had a playdate.  I set up a tea party, sprinted back to the computer to make sure ‘shot heard round the world’ was actually a revolutionary war reference and not Abraham Lincoln, and back to tea party to clean up milk and sing happy birthday.  It was grand and exhilerating.

4.  My son just called telling me he beat his sister in the spelling bee.  We shall be kind and sweet to one another, won’t we, son?  Yes mother, he replied.
5.  Began watching Downton Abby last night with the girls. I’m actually hoping we have a snow day tomorrow so the girls and I can finish it.
6.  Snow?  Rumor has it we may finally get some!
7.  Since I have it in my head that there will be little January-February running, I moaned and groaned when I got a text to go out.  Without any snow or ice, it was hard to say, No, I’m feeling wimpy.  I don’t want to get up and run.  I’ve always been too anxious to please so I said yes, of course.  Man it was so hard to get out of bed at 4:30. But the moon was so bright we hardly needed our headlamps on the road.  Upon finishing, the moon was still bright and so was my mood.  Endorphins abound!  Good thing I have a running buddy to make me move.
8.  Lindsey tells me that now that I have shown on-line disapproval of my former addiction to a certain Bachelor show on television, I can’t go back on my word.  I did not watch on Monday but what if I ask you about Ben, say, in the grocery store?  Will you give me the dirt?
9.  I was told I can get scouts updates and announcements if I follow the pack on Twitter.  No. I refuse. I can’t do twitter.  It’s too much!  
10.  I must go take a walk with my darling now.  Before the storm arrives.  But tomorrow we shall snuggle.

Learning, Unlearning, Relearning

I’ve been learning all sorts of things lately.  For instance:

1.  Did you know that Target now sells Panera’s Cheddar Broccoli Soup?  This is based purely on something I heard.  But, it was a reliable source.  We could be in very big trouble.

2.  My 5th grader was sent outside in zero degree weather yesterday with his sleeves rolled up to study, “Behavioral and physical automatic thermoregulation.”  And he explained what this meant:  Physical thermoregulation is automatic, no control, shivering of the body to warm self, teeth chattering response.  Behavioral regulation is something you can control like hopping up and down insanely fast and rubbing arms to try to keep warm.  I’ve decided that rather than a cruel and unusual scientific experiment, this was pretty cool.

3.  Blogger vs. WordPress.  Some people say WordPress is more advanced.  Here’s one example:  If someone leaves you a comment you can have it sent to your email inbox.  Blogger does have this feature which I’ve recently discovered.  However, Wordpress lets you respond directly on your email, to the commenter’s email inbox and posts it directly to your comment box on your blog.  That, my friends, is pretty cool.

Blogger, are you listening?  

4.  My friend Becky passes me her People magazine when she done with it.  But this is the year I am giving it up!  Even when I think I’ve hidden it, too many times I’ve seen my eldest turning the pages in a trance-like state.  And it makes me cringe.  Besides my knee-jerk reaction to grabbing the “Best of” issue sitting on her desk yesterday (!), I don’t think I’ll miss it.

6.  Speaking of pop culture, I learned the other night that I just can’t watch a certain matchmaking season.  Maybe I’m at war with pop culture.  Why are we fascinated with famous people?  It’s like a glorified junior high rat race.  The more I know about celebrities the more I wonder why in the world there is anything to like about them.  War, I say.

7.  I’m so sick of politics.  The thought of another election wearies me.

8.  G. and I take turns being the pushover and the firm parent.  A certain child is staying home today.  I let her stay home and he was annoyed.  But we switch pushover/firm tendencies all the time.  What are the factors for this?   

9.  I learned last night that my husband was a college professor but his night to teach conflicted with my dance class and I was annoyed.  Wait, that was just a dream.  Aren’t dreams strange and curious?

10.  I learned there is only so long you put off cleaning the house and be on blogger before your 4-year-old puts her foot down and throws a tantrum.  We are throwing away, dejunking, cleaning the whole house today!  I’ve learned I get very excited at this prospect.

Have you learned anything recently?  Here’s a great quote for you:  



1.  No. I am not pregnant.  But I should be, don’t you think?  This is a good look for us:
That Gregor, he just won’t leave the babies alone!
2.  NaNoWriMo.  Can you write a 50,000 word novel in one month?  That’s about 1600 words a day.  It doesn’t have to be good.  In fact, that’s the beauty of this project.  You just write without the agony of thinking too much.  Terrible punctuation, grammer, and plot?  Who cares?  No one will actually read what you write, you just do it because you CAN.  You will be part of an exclusive club of crazy writers. You will receive these great encouraging emails, tips, and facebook prompts.  
Last year I started late and had a lot of catch up to do.  I did a lot of writing in the morning, on an airplane across the midwestern sky, and late at night over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Think you can’t do it?  Sure you can!  And why would you want to do such a thing?  Because you’ll have the bones of your novel in one month.  You will feel quite accomplished even after gorging on turkey, too much pie and cheeseballs.
3.  I shall never buy glasses from anywhere else.  Free shipping this month with this code:  Freeship11.
4.  A certain child came home from school and said her BFF whispered in her ear:  “I have lice.” We are washing with special shampoo like crazy because you know…prevention is worth an ounce of something, I can’t remember what…  I’ve learned more about lice than I ever knew before.  Just ask.  We could have a stimulating conversation.
5.  Have you refinanced your home lately?  Gregor is great about watching for the rates to go down.  We refinanced last week from a 30 year loan to a 15 year loan with an increase of only $83/month.  This will save us a whopping $60,000.  Watch and pounce.
6.  Okay, this is the real announcement:  Matt Nathanson will be singing for the Country Music Awards tomorrow night!  He’s gone country – yee-haw!  I’m so excited.  He’s singing his Run song with Sugarland.  Can you say sweet?  I sure can!  Tune in and enjoy Mr. Matt.  Nelson can’t help but say, “He’s famous and he’s slept in my bed.”

A New Week With New Thoughts

1.  I received both an email and a text delivering me most disturbing news:  Friendly’s is declaring bankruptcy.  Totally unacceptable.  A night without the much-needed Forbidden Chocolate Ice-Cream is hardly a night at all.  If you really love me, SAVE this company.  For mere millions you too can keep me (and many more) happy forever.

2.  I was at Market Basket yesterday with Paige.  If she’s good she gets a quarter to either ride the horse or put it in one of those slot machines.  Guess what was for sale?  Voo-Doo Dolls.  I am seriously disturbed.  In the grocery store for a quarter for my child to buy.  To stick pins in and pretend she’s torturing her arch enemy? Or worse, her mother?  If I have a sudden demise, you can look to Paige.

3.  I would boycott MB except it’s my favorite grocery store and Forbidden Chocolate is the best buy.  The produce is fantastic and the 12 grain bread (my favorite!) is only $1.89!

4.  This morning my alarm went off at 4:41.  And it was cold.  And dark.  I so wanted to crawl back into bed that Paige has pretty much taken over.  I pulled on my running tights (1st time this season!), long shirt, and put on the headlamp.  My buddy showed up and off we went.  The sun never came up but six miles was put on the training log.  I was showered and dressed before any children or (or the sun) were up. Now, if I’d just go to bed at night I wouldn’t need a nap at 7:30a.m.

5.  A certain child has recently begun reading my blog.  I write to record our life right now.  I love to look back over the years and see what we were doing and how everyone has grown.  Certain child did not enjoy certain personal aspects of her life showcased.  I have now been banned by my husband and Certain Oldest Child in blogging about “embarrassing” things. “Mom!  Don’t ever mention the P word again!”  Ah…but they give me such good material to work with.

6.  We are in the middle of soccer craziness.  I’m still coaching Cope’s team and having a great time but it’s time for the season to come to a close.  They have been soooooo good, but my little ones are in great need of coming home to a quieter calm environment.  Piano has been put on the back burner.  Homework is done in the car.  Dinner is shoved in.  We have 4 games this week, 2 of them away, Nelson starts indoor on Saturday (what was I thinking?), and then 3 games and a banquet next week.  Nelson’s 5th grade boy team plays Cope’s 7th grade team this Friday (pictures!), I get to scrimmage my team Tuesday with parents, and then next Thursday my top tier team gets to play Gregor’s high school JV2 team (pictures!). Whew.  And then.  Done.

7.  I told Brynne and Paige I would get them a treat at the end of the season for being so patient and hanging out on so many soccer fields and playgrounds while they wait for me.  I was thinking Skittles.  Brynne said, “How about a dress?”

8.  Did you know that only 1% of blog readers leave comments?  Are you one of the few?  The proud?  The brave?

9.  At church, I was in charge of the Primary Presentation where all the kids sing and have a part to say at the microphone.  It went well and the spirits of those children were so strong.  Cope sang a beautiful solo that brought tears to many eyes (is that embarrassing???)  Now I’m gearing up for the annual Halloween Trunk or Treat.  After October 29th life is going to feel so much lighter.  I’m getting a massage.

10.  And for the most important item, Gregor and I only have 10 more episodes of Friday Night Lights left. Oh sadness. We have bonded over every Coach Eric call, his great moral character that never lets you down, his strong Texan wife, the Dillon Panthers, tragedy and redemption at every turn, Landry!, every tough two-a-day, Buddy Garrity’s flawed but likability, Smash, Lila, Tyra’s gumption, and most of all:  Tim Riggins.  Oh yes, I’m going to miss you.  Sniff.


before you cross that street

I suppose we are all hypocrites.  We often say one thing and then do another.  We pass judgment all the time based on personal experiences, rumors, assumptions, clothing, cars, houses, and the way people behave.  But do we judge correctly?

We have to judge.  We have to make decisions based on information that we have.  But we should make sure we have the right information.  Do we see things the way they really are?  Is our perception the right perception?

Examples this week:

1.  A Southern Evangelical Christian Pastor called my religion a “cult” and said that I was not Christian. To make matters worse he did it on national t.v., tried to explain it (poorly) to Anderson Cooper (who, in my opinion, is such a class act), and then told his congregation who they should vote for in the upcoming political election.

This is frustrating to me.  My whole life I’ve gotten some very interesting questions.  Do you use electricity? Do you celebrate Christmas?  Do you believe in the Bible?  The answer to all of those questions is YES.  I like questions!  I like when people ask instead of assume.  What I don’t like is snap judgments that are so far off they’re laughable.  What isn’t laughable is when other people believe them.

For the record, “Mormon” is a nickname given to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Click on the link. Watch some great talks.  Want a Book of Mormon?  It’s not a secret book. You can check it out from the library.  I can give you one.  You can read it yourself.  You can click Here to see frequently asked questions.

If you wanted to learn more about the Jewish people, wouldn’t you, say, visit a synagogue or ask a Jewish person what they believe?  Seriously.

2.  On a smaller scale, yesterday Cope had a soccer game.  From her perspective, a girl tripped her, fell on top of her, then rammed her knee into her shin.  The other girl’s mother’s perspective was very different.  She screamed for everyone to “take a knee!”  Then she leaned down toward a little boy, looked at Cope and loudly declared, “Did you see that mean Andover girl?  She tripped your sister who was very brave and got up and walked across the soccer field.”  tsk tsk.

Photo courtesy of Becky Walsh!

Who was right?

I know my daughter.  She is not a mean person, certainly not a violent person and in fact, we are often telling her to be more aggressive and less timid on the soccer field.  Am I seeing this situation correctly?  I know I’m competitive.   I love a good game.  I love to win.

Even if we all watched the replay, would we see what really happened or would we see only what we wanted to see?

3.  This morning the alarm went off, waking me with cheery news:  An Iranian terrorist group was arrested for plotting to blow up a Saudi diplomat in an American restaurant.

Wow.  How does a group, a people, individuals, get to the point where their perspective is so extreme they are willing to kill others?

Perhaps I am just a pacifist.  I don’t like fighting.  I like people to be nice.

The great thing about life is agency.  We can all act for ourselves.  We all have a brain.  We can all think for ourselves.  That preacher, that soccer mom, that Iranian, this blogger – we’re all entitled to our own opinions.  We all have different things we believe in.  This is good.  It makes life interesting.  It forces us to learn about other people and then decide for ourselves.

Be passionate.  Stand up for the things you believe in!  But lift others, carry them with you.  Don’t chew them up and spit them out just so you can get ahead.

When I was little my parents taught me how to cross a street:  Slow down.  Stop.  Look both ways.  Then cross.  Let us be careful…for it has been said in the preeminent Christian text, that with what judgment we judge others, the same judgment will be used against us.

Lynn G. Robbins said, “The Savior often denounced those who did without being – calling them hypocrites:  ‘This people honoureth me with their lips, bur their heart is far from me’ (Mark 7:6).  To do without to be is hypocrisy, or feigning to be what one is not – a pretender.”


On a Monday

1.  This morning we got a phone call.  It was a beautiful fall Monday morning, but the caller said, “No school today; someone vandalized all the buses.”  So we are home and I keep thinking, Who does things like this?  It makes no sense, is so destructive, causes so much anxiety for parents trying to work or get their kids to school or rearrange childcare.  It’s such a complete disregard for someone else’s property.  Err.  It really bothers me.
The kids were happy to stay home; it’s like an unexpected summer day.  Hmmm…it’s only 7:45 a.m.  now what do we do?  I think we may go apple picking and feed the water buffalo up the road.  I’ve got to get a picture of that; it’s hilarious and a little scary!
2.  I made bagels the other day.  They were so yummy – find the recipe at or go see Sarah on Clover Lane.  She has the bread rise in the bread machine which I do not have.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as perfect; I’ll have to fiddle with recipe, but they were a big hit.  Sprinkle onion, poppy seeds, and sea salt and you’ve got an everything bagel.  I’m excited to make again soon.
3.  Did you know peanuts grow in the ground?  Come on, admit it…you didn’t know either!  Ok, maybe I was the only one who didn’t know.  As I went out to clean up our very overgrown garden I was mad our peanuts didn’t grow at all.  I dug up the plants and ta-da – there were those peanuts!

Can you just eat peanuts?  I was worried I might get poisoned.  They were a little mushy.  I put them in the oven and they were a little better.  Here’s a great way to grow protein in your garden!

4.  In other exciting garden news, we have grown our first pumpkin.  Isn’t it so cute?  Two more are growing and hopefully we’ll have some big’uns for Halloween.
5.  After we got back from vacation this summer, my garden motivation was lacking.  We lost so many tomatoes due to my neglect.  Actually, I should say the family’s neglect since this is supposed to be a family garden.  We have to do better next year.

But we did have some good cucumbers!
6.  There are FIVE days until my 1/2 marathon.  I will be running on the New Hampshire marathon course, the scene of my 1st marathon, and the course that persuaded me that I would never run a marathon again.  I’ve heard they’ve made some changes and supposedly, my 1/2 is a “net downhill.” 
I need to do some important things this week:  Get enough sleep, eat well (no cake for breakfast), run just enough, and have good mental talk.
7.  Enough sleep.  Goal accomplished last night.  I laid down with the girls at 8pm and never got up again until the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.  Poor Gregor.  We are ships passing in the night.  However, I feel GOOD today!
8.  I really really want a PR.  Really.  Bad.  PR is run talk for “personal record.”  I can do this, right???!
9.  We loved Grandma Alice.  She passed away a week ago Sunday.  She was Grandma Heather’s mother and was just here in New Hampshire giving puppy nose kisses to Paige and burying her husband, Grandpa Dan.  The same week she died, our new niece, Sydney Jolene was born:
Ohhhh…I want her bad.  Isn’t she so sweet and perfect?  I’m so happy for Pete and Al!  I like to think that there are spirits constantly passing…some coming and some going home.  I like to imagine what they say to each other….Good job down there…Remember who you are and why you’re going…I’m so excited…Do I really have to be potty-trained?
10.  To get a laugh out of your Monday morning, check out Cass and Eric’s blog HERE.  I hope you laugh and don’t throw up 🙂
Happy Monday!  

months and months ago

I found this old post that never made the cut.  I’m having a blog crisis.  My motivation seems to have waned.  Part of the problem is Gregor got a new computer and the photos did not convert well or in any sort of order.  It told him I have taken 65,000! photos.  That can’t be correct, can it?   I have mucho photos to download but nowhere to put them.  Oh dear.  My energy doesn’t want to go there.  It wants to sit on the couch at night and drink Stephen’s Raspberry hot chocolate, maybe sneak in a Friday Night Lights…sleep would be nice.
Life is going past at a rapid clip and I can’t seem to find my blogging mojo.
These were taken just a few months ago…I wonder what I was going to say?  
Just a few months ago I told the girls to circle the seeds we should order for the garden.  You should see the poor neglected garden.  Last spring we ordered none of these flowers, only the fruits and vegetables.  Brynne’s hair is so short and why was she eating bread on the couch?  Paige’s hair must have been attacked by a pillow.

A few months ago Cope started the violin.  Yep, that lasted a few weeks.  She was so intent on playing.  “When in the world will you find the time with all your other activities?” I asked.  “Oh, I will!” she said. “Piano comes first…then there’s track, soccer, student council, homework, babysitting, young women…” Sadly, something had to give and it was the violin.
I was so excited to learn too.  I’ve always wanted to play it.  Especially as that was around the time I discovered Jenny Oaks Baker.  I had great visions of myself with the beautiful instrument.  Wow – it’s not so easy!  I learned Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  And was so proud.  And that was the last time I picked up the instrument.  It kindof hurt my neck, that tilt and hold thing you have to do.  Why does my hair look so dry?

Why did I take this picture?  Maybe because the doors are always open and children are always scavenging for food.  Months ago my kitchen was still the color of a clementine.  The diet coke was my mother’s – I swear!

Maybe I was going to give you a chicken soup stock recipe?  
Well, that was months ago.  But now the weather is turning cooler – our first frost might occur tonight! Maybe I can find that recipe.  Maybe my mojo will be back.


1.  I think a boy has a crush on my daughter.  He’s super nice to her and kicks her with the soccer ball every single soccer practice (ah, love in middle school) and picked her 3rd for his team today.  Even when there were boys who were better than her.  She gave me the best smile.  The perks of coaching your daughter’s soccer team is you can spy on them.

2.  This same girl of mine “broke up” with her boyfriend today.  This is only funny b/c ever since they started “going out” (a year ago!) they have said precisely five words to each other.  The reason they broke up was b/c yesterday at church her teacher was talking about waiting to date until you’re 16.  My daughter then went to school to explain her reasons to this boy who probably wondered what the heck she was talking about but now this daughter of mine wonders if she should clarify this explanation to this boy since what if she wants to “go out” with someone else which really doesn’t count as “dating” since you never talk or go anywhere together and it’s basically just a status thing anyway.  Whew!  I told her to let it go and for heavens sake… the drama just continues to escalate!

3.  And I have three daughters.

4.  On a more serious note, I have a monster eclair waiting in the refrigerator for me right now so why the heck am I blogging about my 12-year-old daughter’s love life?

5.  I am writing an essay for the Real Simple contest, “When Did You Know the Real Meaning of Love?”  Maybe I should start over and write about my daughter?  I really want to win even though I know I won’t.  But if I did I would win $3000 and a trip to New York to see a broadway show.  And that would be wicked cool.

6.  My Thesaurus says *neat, *excellent, *groovy, and *keen are all alternate definitions for “cool.”  I wonder if that applies to “wicked cool” because “keen” is not nearly as cool as “wicked cool.”

7.  My husband fell asleep at 8:30 tonight and he gives me a really bad time about falling asleep early on him.  But I’ll forgive him.  Because he had a hard day and sometimes people should be nice to him too.

8.  I put my Calpurnia book down and started “Sarah’s Key” because it was at the library and I heard it was good.  I snatched it right up and I can’t put it down even though it’s so so so tremendously sad…please get that little boy out of the cupboard.  This is the stuff that gives me nightmares.  It’s an important subject (1940s Holocaust) and the writing is excellent.

9. Did you know mushrooms are a great post-run snack?  They contain potassium.  So eat up.

10.  I just took a bite of my eclair.  It tastes nothing like a mushroom.  Did I mention it’s from Mike’s Pastries down in Boston?  Oh my gosh.  My husband got it for me yesterday after he had been gone most of the week.  Love?  That my friends, is the real meaning of love.