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Sunday Interviews and a New Sunbeam

Awhile ago I blogged about starting interviews with my kids.  Since they were babies I’ve had a notebook that I try to write in at least a couple times a year.  I used that notebook, and for each child wrote:  Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Social (though, what’s the difference between mental and emotional?) Largely inspired by Shawni‘s stories of her parents, The Eyres.  
Then, the 1st Sunday of January I asked each one separately to come into my closet (the one Paige slept in) by themselves and talk withe me.  I couldn’t believe how excited each of them was – the feeling special, singled out, one-on-one time with mom?  Brynne was hopping up and down waiting her turn.  It was so funny at how different their responses were.  “Fine.” “Fine.” “Fine” versus full paragraphs. (Hmmm…boys vs. girls). 
My goal:  Do this once a month.  1st Sunday of the month is good.  Must not be a slacker.  It’s very interesting what you find out about your children when you actually sit down and no one can escape and there are no other distractions.  I wasn’t running around saying “uh-huh, uh-huh” and not really listening.  

More exciting news is that Paige became a “Sunbeam!”  Yea!  Sob!  At church, when kids turn 18 months old they go to nursery.  When they turn 3 they get to go to primary (for all the kids 3-11) but it starts every January.  So, this January our baby Paige started a new chapter in her life.  Now, all of my kids are in primary with me!  If we could only get Gregor teaching primary too…but he’s with those old men.  As you can see, Paige was feeling a little shy about the whole thing.
But by the end of church?

We had a very happy sunbeam! (I would not have put this picture of myself but Paige’s face was so funny).

She has cried a few times sitting on her chair while I’m running around getting things organized and trying to conduct, but we’re all adjusting.  Her teachers are just fabulous – I am thankful!  They always say, “Go away, she’s much better without you.” I suppose we are all constantly adjusting.