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A Month Without Email Before Noon: A Worthy Habit

October was the fourth month of a year of living without, originally inspired by Leo of Zenhabits.

My goal was to not check email before noon.聽

The iphone makes it more difficult; it’s always there like Frodo’s irresistible聽ring every time you use your phone.

26 unread emails at 8 a.m., 43 unread at 10, 56 unread at 11:56.聽

It was easier if I kept my phone out of sight.

I got caught cheating once:

Hence, this once again tells us that having accountability is a very good thing! Thanks, Becky 馃檪 for keeping me honest.

I found it was hardest to keep this goal when I had聽to get an email to a teacher quickly, when I had to email the nurse, when I was in the middle of soccer season and had to email a thought or request…so I began to make a note of the emails to write and then write them as soon as noon came.

It sometimes took me an hour to answer my emails at noon, but I bet it made me more efficient too, and more likely to delete emails that weren’t as important.

I like this habit.

It was good for me not to start the day with email. It helped me focus on kids in the morning, projects I had to get done, and writing that didn’t need constant email interruptions.

Not checking email made me twitchy some days, like I was going through withdrawal. I obviously need boundaries.聽

This is a habit I won’t strictly keep, but I hope it will make me better. It was a good month-long exercise on self-control. Of not being so impulsive, of making myself wait when I didn’t want to wait.

November’s Habit: Going to be before 10. I can read, but I have to stay in bed!

“You know what’s hard about this habit?” I asked Gregor. “You!”

“Why would you do something that makes you abandon your husband?” he asked.

See? 聽There’s just no help around here!

My husband is a night owl and we like to watch a show before bed. But busy schedules often means we start at 9:30 or sometimes even 10. And by the time it’s all said and done it’s 11 or 12. And I’m a half-thinking zombie the next day. (I finally saw World War Z this weekend – zombies are scary!)

“I’m tired to being strong,” I said. “My resistance is down. I don’t want to try anymore.”

“Then why are you doing it?” Gregor asked.

“Because it’s good for me.”

I found it ironic that on Friday night, we took our two oldest to see Ender’s Game but we could only go to the 9:30 p.m. show. “I wonder what November’s habit is?” I asked at 11:30p.m., after the movie,聽realizing it was November 1st.

Oh dear. An auspicious beginning.

This is when it’s hard for me: Going to bed when other people in my house are having fun. And a holiday with family is coming soon…

How did I do last night? 9:30 p.m., baby!聽

Daylight savings is going to work in my favor for awhile.

And so. It begins. Early to bed, early to rise…

We must do the things we think we cannot do.聽

What are you going to do this month?


A Month of Not Raising My Voice: Fail

September was the third month of a聽Year of Living Without.

In聽July there was no nail biting (I’m still pretty good except when I feel stressed and I bring that hang nail to my lips.) 聽August there was no television (I rarely watch it now – there’s no time! 聽But once or twice a week I’ll watch a show with my husband.)

These were good experiments of will power.

September was far harder: 聽A Month Without Raising My Voice.

I failed. 聽Many, many times.

Part of my failure was simply fatigue. We are all trying to juggle so very much. We are often trying to fun faster than we have strength. 聽When I’m tired I’m much less patient. 聽And part of my failure is that raising my voice is a deeply engrained habit.

Realizing this was a surprise to even me. 聽I’m a pretty chill person; I don’t scream and yell; throw tantrums, plates, or children. 聽I don’t like drama unless it’s in novels. 聽I’m constantly saying, “lower your voice” and “speak kindly.”

So why was not raising my voice so hard?

Because I need an intercom system. 聽Or a cowbell. 聽Or a dog training collar for the four children under my care. 聽I yell up the stairs for kids to come. 聽I yell down the stairs for children to come. 聽I yell out the front door, the back door, and the side windows for children to come. 聽

This is usually not done out of anger, rather, necessity. 聽Or because I’m lazy.聽

The first few days I was pretty good. 聽I caught myself just before opening my mouth. 聽

A few times I asked a child to go get their brother and sister for me. 聽They would return half an hour later to ask what I wanted them to do again or with the message, “They won’t come.”

I would look up at all those stairs I was going to have to climb one more time to ask a child to come pick up their towel from the middle of the kitchen floor, or to come practice the piano, or to come do their homework, or to COME NOW before the train pulls out and you miss your ride to school!

Sometimes it was just too hard. 聽Or I was just to lazy to do it.

And sometimes I was already on my soapbox about that wet towel that I didn’t want to stop. 聽I had to make my point. 聽But do I need to do it with a raised voice?

I failed this month. 聽Even the very last night of September I had a very bad moment with my son. 聽Night time is where I have all my bad Mommy Moments. I’m just so tired. 聽I am frustrated and snappy and don’t see why brushing teeth is such a foreign concept. 聽

But that night I felt particularly terrible.

I got down on my knees that night, put my head in my hands, and prayed that I could get up the next day and do a little bit better. 聽I had to apologize.

He left for school the next morning, still salty, without saying good-bye. 聽I felt devastated. 聽Did he still love me? 聽Does he still need me? 聽Or am I just a nag who is always griping about dirty shoes and wet towels? 聽

I never meant to be a witch, you know.聽

Charles Duhigg of聽The Power of Habit聽reminded me that it’s not always easy, but he rejects the idea that even the worst of habits, the worst addictions cannot be changed. Age doesn’t matter. 聽A deep engrained behavior doesn’t matter, because “once you understand how to take a habit apart, you can then reconstruct it any way you want.”聽

I love that! 聽So how do we take raising my voice apart? 聽First, we must look at the triggers. 聽Eliminate or manage the triggers, and the habit isn’t triggered. 聽I’m considering getting a night nurse. 聽That would eliminate many of my triggers.

Home was not the only place where I raised my voice.

I’m practically living on the soccer field right now. 聽With five different soccer schedules, it’s a bit nutty (and fun!) 聽I’m coaching thirty 7th and 8th graders by myself (with my two sidekicks, Brynne and Paige, in tow.)

I’m not sure you can coach soccer without raising your voice. 聽The field is just too big. 聽Of course, calling out a drill with a loud voice is far different than yelling at a kid. 聽Which I don’t do. 聽I’m nicer to them than my own children.

I’m on long bus rides where I have to turn around every 30 seconds to tell someone to get their head back inside the window, pick up their wrapper, turn around, stop taking phone pictures, stop poking, and for heaven’s sake, where in the world is your jersey? 聽And middle school buses are a bit noisy. 聽To be heard, voice volume must be elevated.

Oh yes, I raised my voice – sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because I was too lazy to do otherwise, and sometimes because I knew it would be effective.

A word of caution: 聽If you’re going to raise your voice to be effective, then it better be in moments that are few and far between. 聽Otherwise, it is not effective; it actually has the opposite effect.

I’ve noticed that kids don’t respect adults who yell all the time, whether it’s a parent, a teacher, or a coach. 聽Use the loud voice sparingly.聽聽

Here are some lessons learned from the soccer field and home life:

1. 聽Lower your voice. 聽Whisper. 聽Children AND adults LEAN IN to hear a soft voice. 聽Soft spoken doesn’t have to be timid and shy. 聽Be confident when you speak and your audience will shush themselves, and those around them, so they can hear you.

2. 聽Wait.聽 Imagine this: 聽A coach walks onto a soccer field. 聽She blows her whistle. She waves her hand for players to come. 聽They dribble towards her. 聽She points her finger down. 聽They sit. 聽Some listen and stop. 聽Most of them don’t. 聽They wrestle each other to the ground. 聽They bounce soccer balls. 聽They talk. 聽She waits. and she waits. and she waits. 聽They realize she is waiting for THEM. 聽She doesn’t have to say a word. 聽The kids will start to govern themselves and their teammates – “Listen to coach!” 聽Coach waits until there is not one sound. 聽When she speaks she has the whole team in her hand.

And if that doesn’t work:

3. 聽The Hairy Eyeball. 聽My mother-in-law is the master of the hairy eyeball. You wait and wait, but occasionally there is still that one kid who is bouncing the soccer ball. 聽Wait until that kid catches your eye, and then lower your head like a bull, raise your eyebrow, and give him THE LOOK. 聽He’ll stop. Works every single time. Home or the soccer field.

3. 聽Tone is far more important than Volume.聽Sarcasm is a relationship killer. 聽Condescension builds resentment. 聽Mimicry enrages.

4. 聽Less in More.Nina wrote a fantastic article聽for Brain, Child on how we moms enable our children’s helplessness. 聽Moms, stop doing so much! 聽Kids can get their own breakfast, make a peanut butter sandwich, put away their own clothes, make their beds…

When I am constantly trying to micromanage my children, I get angrier more easily. 聽My voices rises. 聽I resent being the family slave. 聽SO STOP. 聽ENABLE your children to succeed in life without you. 聽Remember that we are trying to work ourselves OUT of a job.

5. 聽Love is spoken in quiet spaces.聽 Saturday and Sunday we listened to some fantastic talks 聽geared toward one thing: 聽Finding joy in family life through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am convinced that soft voices is where the spirit lives, where we can hear God, and our own thoughts. The quiet is where we can discern what our brothers, sisters, husband, wife, and children are needing.

And so we shall keep on trying. 聽I’m mulling the muzzle option.

Next Month: 聽Not checking email before noon. 聽Oh man, this is going to be another hard one because I am an addict. 聽

It’s only been a few days, but I can already tell you it’s been a life changer. 聽Can’t wait to tell you all about it next month.


A Month Without Television

The first month of The Year of Living Without, I gave up biting my nails.聽 I’m happy to say, that I rarely bite my nails anymore; that habit is almost gone.聽 Almost.聽

August was the second month of Living Without. I gave up television.

How hard was it?

Actually, I got in the groove and never looked back.

It was rather easy because聽August was a very very busy month.

I kept a daily log for awhile, then noticed I could go two to three days without feeling at all tempted.
A Month Without Television

But What About All Those Kardashian Reality Re-runs?
路聽 聽I didn’t watch any Kardashian television.聽 I didn’t watch The Bachelor finale. I didn’t miss it.聽 At all.聽 I even deleted all the episodes I hadn’t watched, including the finale.聽

路聽 聽I wrote more.聽 I tried to crawl into bed at 9 and write down my Living Without thoughts, keeping a daily journal.聽 This was fun. Do you know how much writing you can get done with an hour?聽 It ADDS UP.聽 I have an article due tomorrow and it’s done because I wrote it at night instead of watching any television.

路聽聽聽I read more books. 聽YEAH!!!

路聽聽聽Because I was in bed earlier, I fell asleep earlier.聽 Big benefits! I was less tired during the day, and was able to run without injury all month.聽 I truly believe extra sleep strengthens the immune system.

路聽聽聽I ate less junk because I wasn’t watching T.V. 聽I am now having a serious Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate withdrawal; there are some things I will never give up.聽

Kicking the Habits We Want to Kick

聽聽聽聽聽 The habit of not watching T.V. became easier over time; not because the it wasn’t tempting but because will power was strengthened.

路聽聽聽Tip:聽 Have a replacement habit you enjoy.聽 Mine are reading, writing, blogging, loading photos, talking to husband, and sleeping.

路聽聽聽Eliminate temptation:聽 My husband is my temptation.聽 We like to sit on the couch after a long day and talk between T.V. scenes.聽 He was a bit perturbed the first time I reminded him of my goal.聽 But over the next few weeks he stopped tempting me and our “quality” time didn’t suffer.

路聽聽聽The one time I felt left out was when he watched a sports event on T.V.
聽 聽 and I was banished to the study.聽 I got work done.

路聽聽聽Start Small.聽 We often think we can’t do something before we’ve even tried.聽 Small is easy.聽 Break it up into little chunks.

路聽聽聽More Trust in Self.聽 Keeping promises to ourselves gives us confidence.聽 We know we will do what we say we’ll do.

路聽聽聽Be Accountable to something or someone.聽 This blog is mighty handy for that.

When I Messed Up:

聽聽聽聽聽 I messed up on the very last day.聽 It was an accident.聽 My 9-year-old wanted me to find her a movie we taped.聽 I scrolled through the movies while a cooking show was on.聽 My mind fixated.聽 My eyes glazed over.聽 I watched dough being rolled.聽 I forgot.聽 We watched for five minutes before I remembered my goal.聽 “Ah!” I yelled, “I can’t watch T.V. this month!”聽

Will I Continue Going Without Television?

I will do better.聽 But I won’t give it up completely. Every once in awhile it’s great, but I’m more aware of what I’m watching. I’m more committed to only watching something that is worth my time.聽 Does The Big Bang Theory count as quality television? 聽Uh, yeah! 聽I like watching movies with my husband and kids on the weekends. Balance.

Next Month:聽 Not Raising My Voice
路聽聽聽聽I shall speak kindly and sweetly to all who cross my path

路聽聽聽聽I will not yell up or down the stairs to any of my children.聽 What should I use?聽聽 A bell?聽 A whistle?聽 This might just kill me.

路聽聽聽聽I will not raise my voice in anger while speaking to family members.聽 I will pause and consider how to respond in a calm manner.聽 I may grind my teeth down into sawdust or clench my hands into mush.

路聽聽聽聽I will be a better example and keep a good feeling in our home by not yelling.

路聽聽聽聽Soccer Coaching? 聽This one will be interesting.

I already have one vote of confidence from my son.He says, “Don’t worry, mom, you’ll never be able to do it.”