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Game Changing Weekend Links – October Edition

Because good cinnamon rolls and a little bit of faith are game changers, right?


  1. Oh my darlin’, these were a little too tasty. Meaning you can’t eat just one. This King Arthur recipe was a first for me…and it won’t be the last! (No, I did not add any avocados…not even to the frosting.)
  2. I only make cinnamon rolls twice a year for General Conference. Eat a cinnamon roll and listen to a great sermon on what faith is and what is isn’t.
  3. Since we’re eating and watching. Have you seen Poldark? Oh, I swoon! (as does The Professor 🙂 ) If you’ve got Amazon Prime, start with Season 1!81z9ifzcdl-_sl1500_
  4. I LOVE K.M. Weiland! Her posts and podcast on how to write a book are terrific.
  5. Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon always makes me laugh. The First Lady.
  6. Love this weekly newsletter. Especially this one on ancient happiness rituals.

Happy Fall and Happy Weekend! It’s absolutely gorgeous in New Hampshire!



Game-Changing Weekend Links {May 2016 Edition}


  1. Paige made me bread. Here’s a similar recipe from NYTimes. More to come from Master Chef Paige.
  2. This girl is intriguing. Two years of trash fit into one mason jar. WHAT?
  3. Latest podcast obsession? Hidden Brain. Listen to episode 26: GRIT.
  4. Love this Adam Grant TED talk! spoiler: original thinkers are often cautious. They procrastinate, too. Grant’s book is on my Amazon Wish List.
  5. How could empathy be dangerous? It could lead to world peace…
  6. Compliments are Free.
  7. Students: Put Your Laptops Away. You know I love it!
  8. Someone told me they started doing this. And their kids were nicer 🙂
  9. Waiting for Augusta is here!
  10. We started with food. Let’s end on food. Joy the Baker is a joy to read! But The Professor is the one who knows the way to my heart with these Mother’s Day, grilled curry vegetables:unnamed-2
  11. Which is a good thing, as The Boy won’t let me kiss him in front of the camera any longer. “Mom. No. No. No.” This is unlinkable 🙂 unnamed-1

Hope you enjoy (with vegetables and kisses) – and Hallelujah, it’s the Weekend!


Game-Changing Weekend Links


Its the weekend – hooray! Am I the only one who needs a nap? But perhaps you’d like to read these first:

  1. Remember these luscious lemon bars? Now that it’s officially Spring you can MAKE THEM NOW.
  2. Have a highly sensitive child? Listen to Susan Cain’s Quiet Podcast, Episode 9. So good.
  3. I am so angry at the food industry. Watch this. Guys, we need to STOP feeding our children poison aka SUGAR. It’s literally killing us. Also on Netflix.
  4. Creative People Say No. Oh, I needed to read this one.
  5. What legacy are you leaving behind? Thought-provoking.

Happy weekend!


Game-Changing Weekend Links!

25130631239_573d76e077_kHello friends! It’s been so quiet around here. I have so many things I want to write about but the pace of life has been furious the past few weeks. I keep wondering when life is going to slow down…but it doesn’t. There is always so much to do. I need an assistant. Or an extra Diet Coke… And definitely a nap.

I took on another class this term which I thought wouldn’t be a big deal. Hahaha. I’m so funny. I love teaching A&P but a little part-time gig suddenly feels like a full-time job. I’m constantly learning what works for our family, how much is too much, and all that jazz.

This week was finals week. My teens are tired. I’m tired. The Professor is tired. But now it’s break, I’m eating a brownie, and all is well! For part of their final exam my classes dissected a heart (that’s me and lovely student above finding the pulmonary artery, aorta, and vena cavaes!) It was a hoot and I find myself appreciating my own healthy body so much. I’m almost done with the final details of entering grades and writing comments for each student and then it’s SPRING BREAK! I have a loooooong, unrealistic list of to-do tasks but really just want to lay on my bed and read.

For the weekend, I’ll leave you with some links for your own reading pleasure.

1. Susan Cain, bestselling author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking has a podcast. And it’s good. If you’re a parent, teacher, or coach you gotta listen!

2. Have you seen the movie, Race? SEE IT. Great family film.

3. How to Build a Wall-Sized Bulletin Board. I wanna.

4. Jessica Lawson is having a giveaway for this  great middle-grade read! Why am I giving you the link? I want to win the book 🙂

5. This A Cappella cover of ‘Til it Happens to  You is powerful. One of the singers grew up with my kids! (And Lady Gage tweeted about it.)

6. Heroin is becoming epidemic in rich, white suburban neighborhoods. This podcast: Falling in Love…With Heroin broke my heart.

7. Living Forward arrived in the mail. Will it help me feel less scattered?

And finally, a shout-out to the writer, Pat Conroy, who passed away this weekend of pancreatic cancer. His book, The Prince of Tides transformed my world. His masterful influence made want to sit down in the chair and do the work; if he could move me that much than maybe I could to do it for someone else someday. May you rest in peace, Mr. Conroy. God knows you truly deserve it.

That’s all folks. See you Monday!


Game-Changing Weekend Links

Cope has sailed to the Puerto Rico! Apparently she was snorkling today. She will be back in her mama’s arms in 14 days! Here’s a schooner snapshot from Instagram:


Have you seen the Daylight Savings Movie Trailer? It’s hilarious!

As soccer is winding down, I’m thinking about sports again. Please, let’s stop killing dreams.

Want to know how much the first page of a novel matters? It matters! Read HERE. To get into the contest is a HUGE deal! Congrats, Julia! She’d love feedback – and you could win prizes.

I love Clover Lane and Sarah’s philosophy on life and motherhood:

“What if we took all the money and time we put into tutors and coaches and private lessons, and invested instead in making our children holy? Not well-known and praised and celebrated for what they do, but humble and meek and truly holy in who they are?”

Apparently, not all relationships are good for your health. Read HERE.

Fabulous podcast by bestselling author, Whitney Johnson discussing her new book, Disrupt Yourself. MUST BUY.

The one ritual you must do everyday. I dig this stuff!

Happy Weekend, friends!


Game-Changing Weekend Links

Cope steers against the raging seas as Hurricane Joaquin makes himself known...

Cope steers against the raging seas as Hurricane Joaquin makes himself known…

As always, there’s some great things going on in the world. Here’s some game-changing links to inspire and carry you through the weekend:

  1. Want to lead like Pope Francis? Maybe we should start with some naps!
Amazing Ashley

Amazing Ashley

2. Don’t underestimate the glitter and the pink! Read my interview with amazing Ashley HERE (note the part about how she ran NINE miles to her C-section).


3. Next, read about how Ashley’s sister always wanted to run a marathon – but needed some help to cross the finish line.

4. I’m craving minimalism. Here’s 7 Habits for a Clutter-Free Home.

5. Eating dinner together is hugely important – here’s the one ingredient that guarantees success (and it’s not food.)

6. Love The Waffle House like my brothers do? Here’s 10 Things You Didn’t Know (that’s a lot of eggs!)

7. How a neuroscientist and Hollywood actress defends her modesty and faith. Go, Mayim!

8. Why we shouldn’t reward ourselves with good behavior – with one exception!

9. I love Jessica Lawson and everything Middle Grade she writes. How’s this for a FABULOUS cover and book premise? A must read!

Happy weekend from New England!


Game-Changing Weekend Links

Hello darlings. I hope you’re going into a restful weekend with your peeps (I’m ready for a nap.) There’s some great things going on in the world. Here’s some game-changing links to inspire and carry you through the weekend:IMG_0964 Is it Easter time already?

Unique and beautiful, this Easter Bread is a family hit (cooked with hard-boiled eggs. what???)

DSC_0323The one time I played Martha: Bold and Beautiful: All-Natural Eggy Dye. Gorgeous, no?

I’m not Catholic, but I love the idea of Lent. Read all about it.

Love Mumford and Sons? Here’s, “Believe,” a tribute to their Christian roots.

The futility of always pushing ourselves to be more: Be Content

Grief is the price we pay for love: Memento Mori. I weep.

For writers, mothers, people everywhere: YOU ARE THE CAVALRY. Oh, it’s good.

Have a great weekend, my friends. And remember: Your life is a gift. Make it a good one.

Love, Amy


Game-Changing Weekend Links (it’s all about love)

from thisheartomine

from thisheartomine

Are you having a good month of February love? When I stop coughing, I know the man of the house is going to like me a whole lot more. sorry, honey bunny. 

I’ve read some good stuff on love this month. Interestingly, the more I study the brain, the more I understand “the heart.” Anatomically, the hearts beats, but it’s the brain that falls in love and keeps that love going strong. Here are some favorite love reads for your weekend perusal….

The anti-love: Letting Your Teenager Read or Watch “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a Terrible Idea. I couldn’t agree more.

#1 New York Times Bestselling author, Richard Paul Evans shares The One Questions That Saved His Marriage. It’s a really good love question.

Okay, it’s an insurance ad, but I love it so much!

If you think texting during dinner isn’t having an impact on your love life, think again. A  2014 study from Brigham Young University found 70 percent of heterosexual women felt smartphones were harming their love relationships. Researchers dubbed this phenomenon “technoference.”

A parent’s love: Elizabeth Smart shares the one crucial detail that helped her escape.

I want to love more like a grandmother loves. Writer Katrina Kenison tells a beautiful story that’s stuck with me.

If you really love somebody, maybe running is the best way to show it. You Gotta Read About Betty. Oh, I heart her.

One more: Exercising Our Kindness Muscles by yours truly.

Have a great weekend, lovies!


What Goes On and Game-Changing Weekend Links

1. Two days before school started I got a text from my husband – “We need an Anatomy and Physiology teacher. Want to?”

2. Apparently Hogwarts was in a bit of a pinch.

3. “I need to know now.” Apparently my husband is a bit of a boss.

4. I had approximately 2.39759487593845043573 seconds to mull this momentous decision. We’ll come back to this story.

5. Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Blog is great. Here are 5 unexpected ways to get insta-calm. I’ve needed it.

6. Seriously drooling over this cookbook:


7.  Anna is an exquisite writer. Her blog often makes me weep. My reporter cousin covered her son’s death. Her book, Rare Bird is available for pre-order. I want to read and I’m afraid to read it:


8. The Turning: Why the State of the Family Matters, and What the World Can Do About It,” looks like a very important book for our time. My father saw Linda Eyre (one of the authors) at his high school reunion in good ol’ Bear Lake, Idaho this month. Small world.


9. I said yes. I haven’t taught Anatomy and Physiology for many years. I’m hoping I can recall sternocleidomastoid at the drop of a pencil. Except now the kids use iPads. And there’s something in front of the room called a Smart Board.

9a. One school year. One hour a day. That’s all I got.

10. I cried for days. I’m scared for many reasons, but mostly because I truly love being home. All the time. And life is already so busy. I’ve also been so looking forward to writing more, especially after a summer with everyone at home. But dare I say? There is a stirring of excitement; I mean, there are few things more exciting to me than femurs and spleens.

10a. Also, observing and interacting with teens will be great character study!

11. My daughter went running with me this morning. She got up at 6:45 for some “death bed repentance” as her sports camp starts on Tuesday. Here we go – it’s soccer season!

12. I’m coaching my son’s soccer team again and just ordered Captain arm bands. They are wicked cool. I might wear one around the house.

13. Market Basket is back in the grocery business! After several texts informing me of the news, Cope said, “You’re getting texts about your grocery store?” Yes, dear child. These are important happenings in your mother’s life.

14. Happy Labor Day! Here’s a great post on the history by children’s writer, Dianne Salerni. And if you haven’t made this summertime peach cobbler yet, what are you waiting for? It’s perfect for Labor Day. Or any day. Here’s the blueberry version. YUM.



Game Changers: Top Links for the Weekend

The best thing about right now? There are seven hours until the weekend. And while my job description hardly changes, I’m still feeling the giddy!

While pretending to clean or while out for a run, I read and listen to so many great voices (er, the ones outside my head.) Here are some game changing favorites:

1. Abel James is the Fatburning Man and he has a terrific interview about Grain Brain. This has been hard for me to reconcile. I love bread. I love grain. But have a listen – it’s fascinating!

2. Katrina Kenison is such an anchor for me as a mom. Here is her wisdom. But I warn you, the part where she talks about reaching down to hold that little hand? And it’s not there. Oh.

3. Can grandmothers change the world? How do we cultivate women leaders? I love the TED Radio Hour. This one called Disruptive Leadership is a gem!

4. Is there a link between gut health, sickness, and…depression? Ben Greensfield is a fabulous regular listen. Here’s why you need more kale, lemon, and garlic. Yes please!

5. I’ve got 99 problems and palsy is just one of them. Oh, man, you’ve got to listen to comedian Maysoon Zayid on the TED stage. AMAZING.

6. This guy is 75 and at the top of his game. I loved his advice! 11 Anti-Aging Tips. They’ll surprise you.

For some spiritual enlightenment:

7. I never really understood Grace before until I heard this. It changed my life. Really. Listen to Brad Wilcox explain what Grace is and what it isn’t. So GOOD.

8. This weekend it’s the LDS General Conference, where speakers will speak to the world about faith and finding more joy. I love it. I need it. And I love staying home for church 🙂 Starting April 5-6, 10 a.m. MST.

Exciting New Book of the Week:

Looks like a gem, with many great authors from 


Photo of the week: The Moose. Captured by a friend’s former student. I stand in awe.

photo by Erick Eisele. It's real!

photo by Erick Eisele.

Quote of the Week:

So throughout life our worst weaknesses and meannesses are usually committed for the sake of the people whom we most despise.
-Charles Dickens Great Expectations. Thanks, Nina!

Got anything good for me? Please share and have a fabulous weekend. Maybe we will actually see some grass this weekend??!