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What a week!  Peter and Allison from New York City! kicked off Halloween for us.  Huge treat!  Peter (my twinner) is working as an oral surgeon intern and Allison is working for a firm in Manhatten.  Don’t it sound glamorous?  We enjoyed a Proctor football game, helping Nellie sell his scout popcorn, pumpkins, walks, talking, eating, and watching “The Family Stone” when the kids were in bed.  
Peter likes to pinch Paige
Gregor was so excited he did a little jig
 I got to go for a run while Allison and Pete carved the pumpkins – win win?
 We were sad to drop them off at the Concord rail station but so enjoyed the visit.  Please come back!
Cope thinks the only fair thing would be to visit them in NYC.  And see Wicked of course.
 On Friday Paige joined the Proctor daycare and preschool for some on-campus trick or treating.  This is Edna, beloved dessert chef to all and Camden the monkey.  Cute!
Paige can’t believe her good luck!
Friday night was our church trunk or treat.  The primary was in charge this year so I had a lot to do!  I DO believe in delegation.  It was a great event and we had a huge turn out.  Games, prizes, hayride, prizes.  Much fun.  Thanks to for the great food ideas.
 Another elf princess
Sleeping Beauty.  
I was going to be a witch…again. I have these great Halloween ideas of what I want to be (Malificant!) but then time is up and I have no costume!  And then a friend needed my witch hat so 30 minutes before leaving the house I ran downstairs and found my ancient drumsticks and ratted my hair a bit.  80’s band girl – dream fulfilled!
 Cope aka “Mary Queen of Scots” or “Elf Princess” from Lord of the Rings was not deterred by her mother’s shenanigans.  She looked at me in horror when I came into the living room.  It was definitely worth it.
I made Gregor dress up as a giant dog.  It’s got this huge really hideous and smelly head.  All the kids voted on who they thought the dog was but when he peed on Grandma Heather, my children had a pretty good idea.  You know, shouldn’t decorum start at home?
 Striking a pose.  The costume inspired great regality.
She even practiced the piano better.
And then we were off!
What else was on Halloween?  Our primary program!  This is the event we’ve been planning for and practicing for months.  Songs, special musical numbers, memorizing parts, a giant whale eating Jonah, reverence (Do NOT grab the microphone darling children).  It all came together.  And made me cry.  I love my primary kids.
Here’s Nelson after church, running around, shirt untucked, tie about to be thrown off.  Happy boy.  Just like it should be.
So Halloween is on Sunday this year and before I said anything about trick or treating, the kids said, “Ah man!  Halloween is on Sunday.  That stinks.”  I really appreciated that they made the decision to stay home instead of going out.  We got plenty of junk friday and on Saturday our neighbors had us over for trick or treating.  Wasn’t that nice?  Since there is only one other child on the street they kindof cater to us.
Happy Halloween.  One of my most favorite times of year!