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Spooktacular Fun

Halloween dawned early bird special in our househalloweenAh, a rare morning when I was “fun mom.” Beginning with a spooktacular breakfast that included scary music too scary for Paige. She hid under the table with the rats until I turned it off. Terror made me cruel….-emily dickinson

DSC_0801It was very scary, wasn’t it, Brynne?

DSC_0819Breakfast included bacon, homemade hashbrowns, boiled eggs, and apples. I was trying to be a little healthier this year and send the kids off to school feeling groovy. Cope said, “Couldn’t we just have Oreos like we did that one year?”

DSC_0816 A “Bloodberry Smoothie:” strawberries, blueberries, kale, and banana.


IMG_6231Soon after we moved on to a Halloween play at school. Paige was the witch, just like Brynne and Cope were many moons ago. Paige is the last of my girls who will play the witch in the 2nd grade Halloween play ever again with Ms. Hildy. Sniff.

IMG_6270After school we got ready for trick or treating! This was the year of alliteration: Messi, Mulan, Morgana, and Malala. Unfortunately, Cope was still at school studying (fitting for Malala, no?) and I didn’t get a picture with the rest of the kids. She didn’t actually go out trick or treating, but dressed up for a Halloween party.

Um, I’ve eaten way too many Milk Duds and Heath bars. Really. It’s not good.


This girl in the ugly orange dress kept trying to kiss a stalwart Messi.

IMG_6146 IMG_6268

The actual night of Halloween was one of the best in little town history: no snow, no rain. What? Nelson went out with his friends, all dressed as “thugs.” I kept seeing this thug on the street yelling, “Don’t do drugs.” It was weird.

Before the thug went out, he had to practice the piano, yo, ’cause that’s how we roll.DSC_0822


Hope you had a spooktacular night, too!

My Halloween Round-up…

For next year, I’m totally making these spooky eyeballtinis

Julia made these pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. Did she like them?

Does your favorite candy have GMOS?  You don’t want to read this. Really. It’s better to live in ignorant bliss.

20 ways to do Halloween without candy. This year Cope was handed a toothbrush and deodorant. Hey, I’m digging it!

Three Wise Guys (a reverend, rabbi, and muslim) discuss Faith and Halloween. They also interview President Holiday about the new movie I’m dying to see: Meet the Mormons. Have you seen it?

Halloween always makes me want to watch a scary movie. Except I’m a wimp. One of the best for wimps? Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. Scared the pants off of me when I was 12.

Happy Halloween! And…on to No Shave November. Um, let’s talk.


Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble

Though I don’t plan ahead well enough to have an awesome costume, I looooove Halloween.  Every year we go to a church Trunk or Treat.  Here are my companions.  Aren’t they cute?  As my older two get older, they have activity choices.  This year they went to their school’s 6-8th homecoming dance.  Nelson was excited to bring $3 to buy soda and sugary crap.  He may have danced with a girl or two 🙂  I’m so glad to have my little buddies.
At least I’m a fun dork, right?  I have loved Rosie the Riveter since high school when we visited Abilene KS and saw the Dwight D. Eisenhower museum.  I got a Rosie t-shirt that is pretty much a rag by now.  This one I got at a yard sale but had to cover the top with Nelson’s duct tape because there was a bad word.  Though it was tempting to shock my little primary kids at the church party with a swear on my shirt. 
Paige made pumpkin Muffins for her school party.  M is the letter of the week.  We do a lot of Monster Mash, eat Muffins, get Messy, and Make things for friends.  Make sure you say M with eMphasis.  I love the reading process.

MMMMM with a capital MMMMMM.
Paige’s lunch time prayer:  
“Please bless Cassie and Eric’s adoption. 
Please bless Sydnie and Alice can come for Thanksgiving.  
Please bless my cupcakes won’t fall down on the bus.”  
She was very good and careful and they made it to school safely.  Marvelous.

Mess with a capital M.  Boil, boil, toil and trouble. 
Letting it go…

While preparing for Halloween we prepared for Hurricane Sandy headed our way.  Everything that could be a flying projectile in the potentially windy 70mph winds had to put away.  We should prepare for hurricanes more often because it felt so clean outside.  Proctor Academy was preparing too, with 350+ boarding students to keep safe.  I wrote about it Here.  Deseret News is a Utah-based paper looking to build its national audience.  I’m lucky to be a writer who lives on the east coast with a different perspective than the west.  Writing for Deseret has really helped me be able to get some freelance clips and build my writing resume.

The most exciting part of the Hurricane ended up being a school cancellation.  Hey, I actually took a picture with the kitchen looking clean. 
And some serious kite flying

Never too old to fly a kite, right?  “Nelson, are you wearing your socks?!!” I yelled.  “Yeah!” he yelled back.  Kids.  Just had to let that one go too.

Tip:  When hurricane gusts are gusting, it is especially advisable to stay away from trees.  After many attempts and a few wrestling matches on the side, the kite was down.  Tip:  When getting a kite down from a tree, do not use throwing knives (Nelson!)  Kite is now in trash 🙁  It was fun while it lasted.
When the power went out we did a lot of painting.

When it finally came back on we did a lot of CNN watching.  Heart is with New Jersey and New Yorkers.  My brother is an oral surgeon resident in New York and stayed three days in the hospital with a generator for back-up power, 48 hours without a shower.  His wife was alone at home with baby Syd without transportation.  I’m not sure which is worse. Thankful they are safe.  Two of my friends have pulled out of the  non-refundable $225 New York City marathon.  My buddy, Maryn, is still trying to find a way.  Without subways running and the city a mess, the whole thing is tricky, boil, boil, toil, and trouble.

After the power went out the kids slept together.  Brynne was scared of the sounds our toilet was making.  Without internet or power Gregor and I looked at each other without a clue of what to do.  We lit a candle and talked.  Wow.  That was nice.  The quiet was nice.  And the lack of internet was actually refreshing.  I’m going to pull black-outs more often.

And then a very exciting thing happened – a letter from the witches, Maggie and Haggie!  Addressed to Mistress Paige and the Merry, Mangy, Mudblood Makechnies.  They even knew this week was the letter M!

They are very naughty witches and cause all sorts of havoc.  We think we may have seen them Halloween night.  They sent $5 to buy brocoli.

Breakfast ambiance
My attempt at Fun Mom on Halloween morning.  We lost power through the night so my alarm didn’t go off.  I hustled the bustle and really liked Fun Mom.  I should try it more often.  We ate breakfast to spooky Halloween music and glowing candles and pumpkins.  Love our healthy breakfast?  Yes, those are Oreo eyes and um, bacon smiles.  But Look Jane, Look Sally – Apples, Apples!  I somehow began talking about an article I had just read about dementia.
Me:  “It says that processed and fried foods leads to dementia.”
Nelson looks down:  “Like this breakfast, mom!!!”  
It is now time to go back to Smoothies.
Gregor and I have made a vow.
Though they split off with friends, this may well be the last Halloween picture where they all dress up and start together.  Cope was enjoying every last moment.  Nelson is “duct tape man” with his duct tape man purse or as he told me, his “male accessory bag.”
boil, boil, toil and trouble…
but we did have a pretty spooktacular night.


Are You Breaking Up With Me?

Last weekend we were getting ready for a Halloween party.  Decorations were gathered, costumes were found, lipstick applied, and monster feet made.
This is an annual party we always go to together.
Except this year Cope had another invite.  That’s too bad, there will be other parties...  Of course she would attend the Halloween party with her family.  Whoa…hold on there Mama.  As soon as I said she was coming with us, making her, I could see the boxing gloves come out.  This was going to be a battle of wills if there was no choice given. So I backed off and said I hoped she would come with us, but she could decide.  I was sure she’d pick the right choice – coming with me.

She didn’t.
We went to the Halloween party and she got picked up by a friend.
And thus it’s begun, splitting up our little unit.  I don’t like it.


This year we had some mighty fine and large pumpkins from our very own garden!  Then a neighbor came by and gave us three more.  No trips to the pumpkin patch this year.  We had a fun family home evening digging out pumpkin guts.  
I have dramatic children, no?

Brynne played a witch at school for her class play.  I began to video tape it per her request and I got message, tape ended.  Can you believe I’m still recording on tapes?  I need to get with it.  We’ve got loads of video to convert over.  Sorry B.  But what a cute witch!  It was funny to watch who was so shy and quiet and who didn’t mind an audience.  This one is definitely on the shy side when it comes to public performance.

Oh. Oh. Oh.  You’re about to get a baby fever post.  Because we’ve all got it.  Bad.  Real bad.  Allison and her baby Sydnie are visiting from New York City.  Sydnie is such a doll.  She’s got perfect disposition and the cutest little body.  Everyone wants to hold her.

Her mother dressed baby up as “Old Man Syd.”  We laughed and laughed.  I’m sorry, Sydnie!

This is the first year I’ve done anything with food for Halloween.  Puffed pastry on top of a casserole.  I snuck in sweet potato and parsnips and didn’t tell the kids until after they ate it (insert wicked laugh here.)  They said, That’s what that gross taste was.  Sure.

Jello brain compliments of Grandma Heather.

If there is anyone you want to visit you for Halloween, it’s these two.  Even though Allison is only 5 1/2 weeks out from a C-section, and has not completely healed yet, she still came with a costume!  She’s a Wall Street protester.  And then there’s my mother, master of the witch costume.

Grandma Witch, Bumble-Bee Princess, Kung-Fu Master, Mulan, Princess Paige borrowing Allison’s wig.  She got sick of it after five minutes so I put it on.  You would not believe the amount of compliments I got from that purple and black striped wig!  Maybe I should start wearing one.  Then I wouldn’t have to do my hair.  Dreamy.

Little Mulan
It was a cold and snowy Halloween night.  The girls went home after one street as the older ones persevered down Lawrence Street to see all their friendlies.  I love Halloween.  I love the feeling of dressing up, going out into the dark with other trick-or-treaters, laughing at each other, crunching through leaves (and snow), being scared, raiding the kid’s buckets (this year I’m digging the Almond Joy), and falling into bed content.  Hope you got scared too – Boo!


What a week!  Peter and Allison from New York City! kicked off Halloween for us.  Huge treat!  Peter (my twinner) is working as an oral surgeon intern and Allison is working for a firm in Manhatten.  Don’t it sound glamorous?  We enjoyed a Proctor football game, helping Nellie sell his scout popcorn, pumpkins, walks, talking, eating, and watching “The Family Stone” when the kids were in bed.  
Peter likes to pinch Paige
Gregor was so excited he did a little jig
 I got to go for a run while Allison and Pete carved the pumpkins – win win?
 We were sad to drop them off at the Concord rail station but so enjoyed the visit.  Please come back!
Cope thinks the only fair thing would be to visit them in NYC.  And see Wicked of course.
 On Friday Paige joined the Proctor daycare and preschool for some on-campus trick or treating.  This is Edna, beloved dessert chef to all and Camden the monkey.  Cute!
Paige can’t believe her good luck!
Friday night was our church trunk or treat.  The primary was in charge this year so I had a lot to do!  I DO believe in delegation.  It was a great event and we had a huge turn out.  Games, prizes, hayride, prizes.  Much fun.  Thanks to for the great food ideas.
 Another elf princess
Sleeping Beauty.  
I was going to be a witch…again. I have these great Halloween ideas of what I want to be (Malificant!) but then time is up and I have no costume!  And then a friend needed my witch hat so 30 minutes before leaving the house I ran downstairs and found my ancient drumsticks and ratted my hair a bit.  80’s band girl – dream fulfilled!
 Cope aka “Mary Queen of Scots” or “Elf Princess” from Lord of the Rings was not deterred by her mother’s shenanigans.  She looked at me in horror when I came into the living room.  It was definitely worth it.
I made Gregor dress up as a giant dog.  It’s got this huge really hideous and smelly head.  All the kids voted on who they thought the dog was but when he peed on Grandma Heather, my children had a pretty good idea.  You know, shouldn’t decorum start at home?
 Striking a pose.  The costume inspired great regality.
She even practiced the piano better.
And then we were off!
What else was on Halloween?  Our primary program!  This is the event we’ve been planning for and practicing for months.  Songs, special musical numbers, memorizing parts, a giant whale eating Jonah, reverence (Do NOT grab the microphone darling children).  It all came together.  And made me cry.  I love my primary kids.
Here’s Nelson after church, running around, shirt untucked, tie about to be thrown off.  Happy boy.  Just like it should be.
So Halloween is on Sunday this year and before I said anything about trick or treating, the kids said, “Ah man!  Halloween is on Sunday.  That stinks.”  I really appreciated that they made the decision to stay home instead of going out.  We got plenty of junk friday and on Saturday our neighbors had us over for trick or treating.  Wasn’t that nice?  Since there is only one other child on the street they kindof cater to us.
Happy Halloween.  One of my most favorite times of year!