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Catching a Falling Star

Some people have to work so much harder to get their baby.

There are empty nurseries and years of childless Christmases.

And some get pregnant completely by accident.  Stomp, stomp!  Not fair!
Heartbreak is sometimes the beginning of destiny.

Last week a young, teenage girl held her child close to her heart, then gave her to another mother.  My brother, Eric, and his wife, Cassie, became parents for the first time.
Good thing Eric’s other antics were kept so secret – whew!  Close call. 
But now there seems double the love:  A birth mother.  A new mother.  A new father.  Over the moon.

And while it is doubtful I will ever meet that young girl (who happens to look like Cassie and who I feel I already know), I love her forever for her gift, for giving us Scout Olivia.

Meet Scout.  Yes!  That’s her name!  It was obviously meant to be since Gregor would never let me use that name and I thought he was just being mean, but no, the name was just meant for this baby! Named after one of our most favorite literary heroines of all time, she’s meant for great things.  Can’t you just tell with those alert ears and thoughtful tilt of the head and intense pacifier concentration?

Catch a Falling Star – From Trafalgars Square on Etsy

And this is why I love blogging: Sharing news that changes your family forever.  Okay, I’ll be honest, I just wanted another baby picture on my blog.

Sometimes stars fall and only seem to land in other people’s hands.  But sometimes a star falls just for you, and you reach out your hands and catch it.


Happy Birthday, Ernella!

Our little brother, Eric, is 33.  On this special day we acknowledge
 33 reasons to love Ernie:

1.  We got to have a baby we could dress up in tutus, bribe, and blame for throwing rocks at Jeff

2.  You sing Neil Diamond with your sisters-in-law

3.  Because of you we all got to quit piano early
4.  You’ve never tried to suppress that inner two-year-old

5.  You carry some heavy loads with grace

6.  And have a surprising smattering of gray hairs

7.  You inspired the whole world when you wrote, The Rose

8.  You inspired Gregor to buy a Vitamix when you roasted him this summer

9.  Everyone laughs when you come into the room.  In a good way.

10.  Taught us how to wear mom down when she said No.

 11.  You used to come visit us

12.  You’ve always let Gregor know he’s your favorite

13.  You can still belch the ABCs

14.  You made us want to believe in The Hoff too

15.  You’re uber-competitive

16.  You’re a graceful loser

17.  You always knew just how to tick Peter off

18.  You’ve never let Patrick feel like he’s “all that”

19.  We had to move from our childhood home after all the pee you put down the air vents.  Luckily, it was a better house.

20.  You rock the “metro man” title

21.  You inspired little buddy in all sorts of ways

22.  You let him shoot a beebee in your leg

23.  You loosen The Professor up

24.  Your patriotism is unmatched

25.  You managed to get that beautiful Cassie to marry you and stay with you

26.  Your Husker pride makes all us cornfed folk proud.  Even though you didn’t let Gregor crash your Husker party this fall.

27.  You bring out the cheerleader in all of us

28.  We’ve never known anyone who loves to be a bigger dork.  And that’s said with the most affection.

29.  The children you torture can’t seem to get enough

30.  Doesn’t this just say it all?

                           31.  What we meant was, doesn’t this say it all?

32.  We hear you even go to an office and practice law.  But that might just be a rumor.

33.  There’s a little boy who wants to be just like you.  And a baby girl who is going to call you Daddy this month.

Happy Birthday, Eric.  It is what it is (wink wink).  We think you’re a pretty swell guy.
Hope this year is the best year yet.
Love, us, from everywhere.