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Why I Hate Blogging

1.  Sometimes I feel like we’re all in different reality shows, rushing from one reality to the other, furiously making comments so other reality shows will come comment on our reality.  When in reality, it’s not reality at all but rather scripted.  Just like reality shows!  Does that make any sense?

2.  Because when you have a blog, you look at other blogs and there is always a better blog.  There is always better content or better pictures or better…

3.  Comparison will always, always make you feel insecure.

4.  Because many successful blogs are based on or caught the world’s attention because of something unfortunate like a child’s death or an illness or addiction or a terrible hardship.  And my life is soooo normal.  Hello???  Shake me, please.  Normal is greatly underrated.

5.  I love comments way too much and when one post gets a lot of comments and another one doesn’t I start freaking out.

6.  I get mad when I freak out.  It’s a blog, not poverty or Rwanda or a presidential election.  No, it’s really not that significant.

7.  I get jealous of other people.  Now, most of the time I’m a pretty content and positive person, but someone else’s success can trick me into feeling discontent…why does she get 130 comments?  It’s a post on her hair!

8.  And then I’m annoyed because I actually watched the 8 minute video on how she did her hair.

9.  Because I’ll never be able to do a post on how to organize your garage.  Or how to decorate your living room.  Or how to write the next great American novel.  I’m just not that person.  And sometimes I want to be.

10.  Because I know someone else’s success does not diminish me.  It actually has nothing to do with me at all.  And yet I allow myself to feel that way.

11.  SEO.  Monetizing.  Keywords.  Tags.  Guest posts.  Social media links.  And on.  And on.  Please help me crawl into a cave.

12.  Time. Time. Time.

13.  Everything I do gets turned around in my brain and into, that would be a great blog post!

14.  Because sometimes I’m chasing something that’s never going to satisfy me.  I’m seeking the praise of the world and if I know anything, I know this:  The praise of the world will never satisfy.  It’s never enough, will never fill the holes of insecurity or the needs a person innately craves.  And if tomorrow my blog got a million hits, I’d ride the high for a few days and then I’d be exactly the same person I was before.  Because nothing changed inside of me.

It reminds me of the movie, Rudy.  Remember when he was feeling knocked down, after he had given everything and it still wasn’t good enough? That he was never ever going to get on that Notre Dame football field?  Fortune glares at him and says,

You’re 5 foot nothin’, 100 and nothin’, and you have barely a speck of athletic ability. And you hung in there with the best college football players in the land for 2 years. And you’re gonna walk outta here with a degree from the University of Notre Dame. In this life, you don’t have to prove nothin’ to nobody but yourself. And after what you’ve gone through, if you haven’t done that by now, it ain’t gonna never happen. Now go on back. 

I guess football is on my mind

That five foot nothin’ just got a touchdown but he’s got a whole lotta athletic ability!

I remember that when I started blogging, this was the only reason: my sweet darlings.  All five of them.  They don’t care a lick about SEO.

I hate blogging.  But sometimes I love it too.  Maybe that will be the next post.  See?  I have problems.


Skipping School

As you can see from my blog header, I like the ocean.  A whole lot.  It’s one of my favorite places to be.  Someday I will live by the sea, maybe on a boat, and I will be able to hear that beautiful, untamed ocean call my name more often.  Too bad that ocean isn’t a little closer to Idaho.  And speaking of the above header, the ocean picture confuses my husband.  He likes my other one better, the one with the kids.  Do you agree?  I feel guilty over these things.
And why, Maisymak?  My mother is the queen of nicknames.  When I was little she  called me “maisy mouse.”  She said it was because I was teeny tiny, had a high, small voice, and looked like a little mouse.  Sometimes I was mousy, I guess.  I prefer “shy” to “timid.” Please never call me that.  I will not be timid if you do 🙂  My mom still calls me maisy mouse and I’ll give her all the credit when I make it big with my Maisymak Granola Snack.
The other day, when the freakish heat wave washed over the east coast (it’s now 30), we stole the kids from school and made a trip to the ocean.  
We stood on the rocks and watched that mighty body of water.  Unfortunately, it was not as warm as the forecast had predicted.  In fact it was freezing.
But it sure was pretty.

No matter.  My children are cold blooded, maybe reptiles. Or fish.  I hate cold water.  You couldn’t have paid me enough to jump in.  These two?  Psyched.  Even for them it was a tad cold.  We were all running back to the car in minutes. The Atlantic ocean in New Hampshire is definitely not the Pacific.

These two had their swimming suits, but didn’t dive in.  I had some beautiful shots of the ocean and the kids but the computer ate them.  It really did.  They are not to be found 🙁
Though the ocean was a short adventure, we were glad to skip school, remembering, “Never let school get in the way of a good education.” I’m sure we learned something on this cold March afternoon.  I’ll be sure to get back to you on what exactly that was.
Are you getting some good education this weekend?  I’m excited about going to a writer’s conference and listening to some great talks.  I’ll be sure to report on the highlights.
Have a happy weekend!



I tried to upload a new picture of the book I’m reading and this is the message I got:

We’re sorry, but you have exceeded your photo upload quota. For more information, check out this Blogger help page.

Blogger help page tells me I can pay for more space.  Really?

Is this a new thing or has this quota always been in place and I just didn’t know about it?

Do I start deleting posts?

Make a blurb book, delete my blog, and start over?

Take a blogging break?

Stop blogging?

Have you had this problem and know of a quick fix?



Two Blogs I Read

Two recently discovered blogs:
The first one is  She was a mom with four kids.  Life was so good.  A plane crash left her with a body that was 80% burned.  If you live out West I’m sure you’ve already heard this story.  Reading this blog reminds me that Stephanie would give just about anything to go back to the days when she could go to the grocery store with her rowdy kids in the backseat driving her crazy.  I love her very real and honest posts.

I also like reading by Shawni Eyre Pothier.  Another mom out West.  She seems to have this very perfect life and at first it almost made me feel bad about myself!  I hate when I let myself feel that way about someone else’s blog.  But the more I read, the more I saw that no one’s life is perfect.