Hi! Here’s a little bit about me, written in the third person.

Amy Makechnie is the author of The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair.

Like Guinevere, Amy grew up in the midwest, and once tried to sail to the Mississippi on a large piece of styrofoam (she didn’t make it.)

Amy attended Brigham Young University where she graduated from the college of Health and Human Performance, and minored in English. Moments after their wedding, she and her husband drove across the country in a yellow hatchback Nissan Sentra that went no faster than 55mph to work at a prep school (think Hogwarts meets Dead Poet’s Society) where they were instant dormitory parents to twelve teenage boys (and a couple of squirrels in the wall.)

Amy and her family continue to live in a small New Hampshire town where Amy writes and mothers a wily flock of children. As a lover of all things human body, she gets her fix teaching anatomy & physiology, dissecting hearts and memorizing long anatomical words.

You can find Amy on Instagram, Twitter, and her official author website!

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  1. Kelly

    Hi there! I found you today after reading your guest post on Scary Mommy and I literally laughed out loud. I love your writing style and am excited to read more on your blog! Have a great Monday!!


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