An interview with Myself.

Hi Amy. I’ve never interviewed you before. This is kind of weird.

It is kind of weird, but get on with it.

Okay Bossypants, I love that family picture! Do you live by the ocean?

I just pretend we do. Especially right now when it’s -9 degrees outside in New Hampshire. I live in the country with four delicious children. Their dad brought me here and is also delicious.

Delicious? Um, isn’t that TMI? Let’s talk about your neighbors.

Our neighbors are show donkeys and water buffalo. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Thanks, Amy. Your neighborhood sounds…odd. And sorry for calling you Bossypants, back there. So, what do you do all day?

I love staying home and consider my work as “mother” the most important work I’ll ever do. I’m also a freelance writer which is perfect since I prefer not to ever leave the house. I’m also writing a novel. If you’ve got time I could tell you about my latest manuscript.

We don’t have time. Didn’t you used to be a teacher?

used to teach Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, and Nutrition. For ten years I was also a strength & conditioning coach and made high school athletes do lunges across football and soccer fields. Now I teach inside the home and we pretty much cover the same material and do the same exercises.

That sounds so awesome.

It sure is! Just ask my kids! 

Do you work at your daughter’s school?

I work a little bit with the athletic teams where my daughter attends high school. This is incredibly advantageous as I get to call out, “Hey Girlfriend!” to her across campus. For some reason she never seems to see me.

She’s so lucky

I know, right?

Ok. Tell my about the man you live with.

I am married to the real Mr. Darcy: stern and glowering on the outside, but behind the scenes oozing with love, lofty ideals, and good works. He just so happens to also look like the Colin Firth version.

Okay, that’s enough.

No, wait! There’s more! Sometimes I call him The Professor because he uses really big words. The Professor works at a boarding school which is kind of like a cross between Dead Poet’s Society and Hogwarts. I’ve learned a few spells.

That sounds awesome.

Awesome is a very overused word. But The Professor truly is awesome and so is Hogwarts.

Do you have a favorite child?

We adore them all but still deciding which one to love best. One comes with duct tape, one sings opera, another still sleeps in my bed, and one writes me daily love notes. See? It’s really hard to decide.

Totally get it. Hey, do you like running?

Yeah, I do. I love talking pacing and the perfect energy smoothie. I also love to write about my shoes and feet and new goals. Aren’t you glad?


That makes me so happy.

Why Maisymak?

Maisy was my mother’s nickname for me growing up. She called me “Maisy mouse” because I was so small, quiet, and ran fast like a little mouse. I like the way it sounds with Mak. Maisymak. That’s all.

Why did you start a blog?

So I can look back and cry at how little my children used to be. Sniff. Also, because I love other moms, and writing and keeping journals and taking pictures. This is the perfect medium. It’s fun and a good record of life. It’s also been incredibly rewarding to meet other writers, readers, and mothers from all walks of life. We help each other, don’t we?

Are you a Mormon?


Do you have more than one mother?

I think you need to work on your interviewing skills. 

I didn’t mean to offend you. I’m just nosy.

I know, I’m you, remember? Thanks for the interview.

You’re welcome! And thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Kelly

    Hi there! I found you today after reading your guest post on Scary Mommy and I literally laughed out loud. I love your writing style and am excited to read more on your blog! Have a great Monday!!


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