My One-Word Theme For the Year


Last year my word was “Focus.” I quickly realized I couldn’t focus until I simplified some things. But what? I’m honestly not sure where to start with this. What do I cut out? What do I say No to?

It’s an exciting challenge!

My friend Megan’s word is: Reduce. I like that one. Haunani’s is: Lead. Glennon’s is: Resistance.

What’s your word?


3 thoughts on “My One-Word Theme For the Year

  1. Julia Tomiak

    Believe. But I told you this on FB. Believe I can finish the WIP. Believe I can run farther than 6 miles. Believe my kids will be okay in this world saturated with media. Believe I can be happier.
    Happy New Year. I look forward to hearing about simplicity from you, my friend with her hands in a million different jars… 😉

  2. Haunani

    Mine is LEAD. Not happy about it. Totally out of my comfort zone. But apparently I need more LEADership and less accommodation and adaptability in my life. 🙂


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