How to Feel a Little Happier Tomorrow

About a year ago, in the spirit of trying to be more organized, I mapped out a calendar of posts I wanted to write instead of my usual writing-everything-on-the-fly-however-the-muse-moves-me way of blogging.

Intentions were good. Output was poor.

I also didn’t pay particular attention to particular events, like the election, and how we all might be feeling post-voting. This week I had “laundry post,” slated.

But I’ve been feeling rather despondent post-election. A laundry post seemed rather…trivial. Didn’t our country need more? I could only stare glumly at the black screen…who cares about laundry? Write something important, something meaningful, something big.

So I wrote nothing.

Not to worry, my heart is coming back. How is the state of your heart?

So I unplugged for a bit and boy was it refreshing. Even Hilary went for a walk the day after! Nature is soul cleansing. When I run outside in the woods, breathe in fall air, crunch in leaves, our sweet land of liberty feels good. It’s not what happens to us, but thinking that makes it so.

As always is the case, when you are searching, you find. This gem from Sarah:

There should be less talk, a preaching point is not always a meeting point. What do you do then? Take a broom and clean someone’s house. That says enough. All of us are but His instruments who do our little bit and pass joy.

-Mother Theresa here

Isn’t that great? Take a broom and clean someone else’s house! Oh yes, I am 100% positive that if you picked up a broom in my house, I would feel very JOYFUL.

Mother Theresa, oh wise one, also said:

War is the fruit of politics, 

so I don’t involve myself, that’s all. 

If I get stuck in politics, I will stop loving. 

Because I will have to stand by one, and not stand by all.  

This is the difference.

This is the difference. I’ve had a personal political crisis of late, but these words speak to me, reminding that I can only control what is in my circle of influence, and that is enough. In fact, if we all did that a little better with our own families, the world would take care of itself.


If that feels too big at this very moment, try something smaller: make your bed.

Yes, that’s the advice from happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin. Sounds trivial and small, perhaps, but maybe there’s more to it. The simple act of getting out of bed and pulling up your covers is not only satisfying, it marks the start of the day. It makes our world feel a little more orderly and organized. And every time you walk back into your room, it’s a nicer place to enter.

I think the making of the bed also signifies something bigger for us: It’s time to rise up! A bed made signals a resolve to face the world. You can’t crawl under the sheets and hide anymore. You must rise, and find a way to be good and brave and kind.

So there we go. It’s rather simple. Turn off the news, find Nature, pick up a broom for someone, make the bed. And than all will be well, my friends.

God speed.


7 thoughts on “How to Feel a Little Happier Tomorrow

  1. Kate

    Making the bed right after you get up made me smile. I can’t stand to do that because I feel like the sheets aren’t “fresh.” l like to leave my bed unmade at least a few hours, to air it all out. I throw the sheets wide to the foot of the bed and fluff my pillows to get them back in shape. Then later in the day, I’ll make it.

    However–I do feel about washing breakfast dishes the way you do about making the bed. I love coming home after a long day to a clean kitchen and a dish-free sink! It feels like such a relief, that I’m not facing a whole sink full of dirty dishes!

    I’m with you on the whole post-election blues. It’s been a tough one to shoulder.

    1. Jennifer

      I just read the Mother Theresa quote about politics an it struck me, how true that comment is. I do not have a blog so I posted about how true it is on facebook. I found the second quote when I clicked on Sarah after reading the first quote. It is really interesting how one person can say one thing that inspires another and we do not even know who we are touching.

      Thank you for sharing and by sharing inspiring me to do and be better as well.

  2. Julia Tomiak

    I always love a good Mother Teresa quote, and you’ve got TWO here! Thank you. Your posts are never trivial, always thougthful and inspiring. I’ve been gloomy today, but this post and a walk outside in that crisp fall air (and 45 minute of writing “medicine”) made me feel more empowered, less dismayed. Thank you.

  3. Steven Nelson

    Thanks Amy. Relevant, encouraging, and optimistic post. Now is the time to slow down, take a deep breath, and realize that our great country has survived many threats for 240+ years … and yet the republic still stands. Even Angela Merkel, who was criticized during the campaign, congratulated the president-elect and graciously offered to work closely with him on shared “democratic values”. Even after all the animosity of the past, Mitt Romney and Trump are sitting down to discuss a possible cabinet position. Best wishes to Mr. Trump and our elected leaders. God bless America.

  4. Nina

    I love everything you said here and I feel so similarly about not wanting to write and everything that goes through my mind seeming so trivial. I’m not a hardcore journalist though and well . . . at some point I still want to write about the little things. I don’t know . . . feeling a fog in the brain now, I guess.


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