A Sanely Wonderful Holiday Guide

I didn’t come up with the idea, but here’s what we’re doing for Christmas this year:

holiday guide

I could have sworn I saw this idea on Momastery.com, but for the love of peanut butter I can’t find it idea anywhere! I suspect brain malfunction. In A&P this is exactly what we’re studying. I’m becoming suspicious of my actual sanity.

Anyway, let’s get back to Christmas!

The simple guide above has brought my stress level back to the state of a somewhat normal mother (is that even a thing?) I’m as calm as the summer sun, which is amazingly refreshing given it’s barely 30 degrees outside.

I think this list has been fun for the kids too as they carefully plot out what they really, really want instead of bringing me a ginormous Christmas list that stretches from here to Nebraska.

Also: we had to break down and buy a minivan – Merry Christmas, kids!

Some Maisymak ideas…

One thing you want

1. Give the gift of health:  A Runner’s Gift Guide

2. A Vitamix. Splurge for your health. Use this FREE SHIPPING CODE: 06-008623 (SAVE $25US/$35CN)

3. Paige wants a hair-curling Barbie. I’m still working on that.

One thing the world needs

1. Give the kids $20. Tell them they can spend it any way they want as long as it’s for someone else. A charity, a pair of shoes, a neighbor gift, pay for someone’s gas or groceries, toys for tots…

2. It doesn’t have to mean money. The world needs quiet service.

3. The Camellia Network. Vanessa wrote one of my favorite books, The Language of Flowers. Her organization helps foster kids.

4. Multiply Goodness. 24 Days of Doing Good. I love this.

5. Lisa shares a list any busy family can do!

6. Sponsor a child – Compassion International is a legit organization

7. Children need water! Freedom in Creation can help.

8. Lemonade International! “I can sit at the edge of La Limonada…and all I smell is hope.” -Tita Evertsz. I’m going to meet Tita someday!

Great books for you and your friendlies:




Great Books for Tweens and Teens 


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*Cope is English monarchy obsessed. So sorry if you don’t relate.

Great Books for Kiddies





May your days be merry and bright…and may you share your light and read lots of good books! 


6 thoughts on “A Sanely Wonderful Holiday Guide

  1. Dianne Salerni

    One thing you want, one thing the world needs, one thing to wear, one thing to read …
    I haven’t seen that before, and I really like the idea!
    Thanks to Cope and Nelson for the thumbs-up!

  2. Sue Houston

    I love this! We need more of this good stuff in the world, all the time. 🙂 It is so refreshing to have this perspective on the holidays when normally our senses are assaulted by advertisements for excessive consumption that is not actually good for people and not good for the planet either! Thanks Amy!

  3. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    I just love this! I especially like the part about what the world needs – a great way to inspire other-centeredness. Sometimes we want to do something, but don’t know what. It’s a good way to get the ideas flowing!


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