The Nine Best Minutes…is now a podcast!

brynneDo you remember the post on “The Nine Minutes that Have the Greatest Impact?” After I wrote it, it was posted on  A couple months after that, April Perry, co-founder of powerofmoms asked me to record a podcast with her.

I was scared.

We had fun.

You can listen here.

I have not listened to it yet. I keep clicking over to the website and then break into a cold sweat. I’m wimpy in odd ways.

Take a gander, and then let me know how it goes 🙂

p.s. April says of our recording…(And please don’t worry…this is a very “down-to-earth” podcast. No “perfect” mothers here.)

I’d like to second that…this morning we got up too late and Paige had a bloody nose that required a cold shower and shrieking, Brynne had to make breakfast for everyone b/c of the shower/bloody nose mess, Nelson forgot his backpack at his dad’s office and then I forgot the keys to dad’s office so could not get backback to boy until very late in day leading to very stressed out/grumpy boy. Eldest girl…well, she got out the door with a piece of burnt toast smeared with peanut butter and dripping with honey, courtesy of 5th grade sister. Isn’t life grand? This is all to say: we try. And today that’s good enough.

Take a listen here.



3 thoughts on “The Nine Best Minutes…is now a podcast!

  1. Julia Tomiak

    I have mornings like that, my friend. No “perfect mothers” here either. Will listen! How exciting. I still think of that 9 minutes post, especially when it’s late and I just want to let the kids put themselves to bed. Your words inspire me to climb the steps, pray the prayers, and enjoy the hugs. 🙂


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