A Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

Merry Christmas, all you runners.  And when I say all you runners, of course I mean you. 
Since it’s Cyber Week, let’s take advantage of some great prices to help you get moving this year. Even if you hate running (gasp!), I have taken it upon myself to inspire you in the coming year, to find your inner runner and be happy like Buddy the Elf, who was always running. And downing maple syrup.
Sometimes “stuff” really does inspire. And when you give it, you’re endorsing the wonderful world of LIVING. Here’s a quick list of inspiration.
1.  Socks.  The affordable gift. But halt – not just any socks!  Socks that won’t slip down. Socks that let you sweat. Socks that won’t cause blisters. I love Nike. They have a band around the middle that is super hugging and supportive. But just this morning I ran in a pair of Danskin that I got from Wal-mart and guess what? They were great! The price is nice, too.
2.  Sunglasses. These are just cool.
3.  Garmin Watch.  The price is coming down on these! Still an expensive gift, but just think of the joy on his/her face when this this special watch is unwrapped. Priceless. Even if you went to China, the satellite would pick up and you would know distance, pace, and overall time. I love this watch! They even have pink Garmin watches now. Marathon Glenn is drooling over a very special Garmin watch.
For only $14.99, this is a great piece of equipment. Do your knees hurt? Lay down and roll out your hamstrings, IT Band, and butt – I’m willing to bet you have knots that are pulling on your IT band, which pulls on your knee cap. I will come to your house (or make a video?) of exactly how to do this, but the roller does come with a how-to guide. Since I started rolling, my knee pain and knee tendonitis has never come back. Back pain? Neck pain? Butt pain? ROLL. This foam roller is like a massage, but way more cost effective.  
5.  Running Gloves Take your pick, there are so many good ones to choose from.

7.  Reflective Running Vest. If anything else, your runner won’t be mistaken for a deer or a bear or a moose in the woods.

8.  Runner’s Arm Sleeves.  These are fun!

9.  Headlamp.  You know, for those 5 a.m. runs.

10.  Runner’s World Gift Certificate This is a great, all-around health read.

11.Protein Powder. Jarrow’s is affordable, organic, and comes in french vanilla or unflavored, adapting to any smoothie.

12. Gift Card for Running Shoes. Brooks, Adidas, Nike, Newton Asics: They all provide gift cards! 

13.  Neck Warmer.  Help your lungs this winter. Protect your lips, chin, and cheeks from winter burn. Starting in November, I wear a neck/face warmer everyday until about mid-March. You can buy one for about $10 or cut and sew a piece of fleece together. Works much better than wrapping your face with a scarf.

14.  Itunes gift card for the ipod or make a personalized running CD to upload to the ipod.

15.  Shop the sales racks at Nike outlet right now – all the shorts are marked way down.  Your runner (or you) will be more motivated to go out this spring with a spunky pair of shorts waiting for her/him.

16.  Pedicure.  Your runner needs foot love.

17.  Pay for a race. One Christmas my dad paid for me to run the New Hampshire trail’s series – 6 races in 5 months.  It was one of the best presents I ever received.

18.  Stocking Stuffers:  Hair accessories, GU gels, Clif bars, SPF face lotion, SPF chapstick, massage gift card, Maisymak Runner’s Granola 🙂

19. Honeybells. 

One Christmas we received a big box of Honeybell oranges. Oh my deliciousness! Instead of ordering crap, excuse me, give good stuff!


The biggest benefit to any of these gifts?  It shows someone that you take health seriously, that we can do hard things, (which running often is.) When I receive a running gift, it’s validating…you believe in me.   

Perhaps, you will need to forward this post to your own Buddy elf, or stuff a few of these items into your own stocking this year (sometimes we have to help ourselves out, right?)

Happy giving!

Happy running!


13 thoughts on “A Runner’s Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Kirsten Smith

    I love that I keep finding your posts on Pinterest and don’t realize they are yours at first. Great list! I am sooooo motivated by cool gear! Can I add reflective vest or flashing red lights? And a skull cap with ponytail hole by Asics.

  2. annewoodman

    Amy, I meant to comment on this one the day you wrote it, but things were so crazy here. I love this post! I like the idea of paying for someone’s upcoming race, too. Your dad sounds very cool. ; )

  3. Julia Tomiak

    I love these ideas, Amy! I’d never heard of a neck warmer- perhaps because I live in Virginia. 🙂 And thanks for the sock recommendation- I’ve been using Adidas, but I’ll check out Nike when these wear out. I had to buy a foam roller recently for my nagging IT band- it hurts so good!

  4. Robin Davis

    Love these ideas. I have some of these items but can one ever have too many socks? New running shoes is number one on my Christmas list!

  5. Julia Tomiak

    These are great ideas, and the cookbook looks awesome! (But why is my comment from 2012 here?). May I add chap stick and Eucerine to the stocking stuffer ideas? Great post!


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