A Month Without Television

The first month of The Year of Living Without, I gave up biting my nails.  I’m happy to say, that I rarely bite my nails anymore; that habit is almost gone.  Almost. 

August was the second month of Living Without. I gave up television.

How hard was it?

Actually, I got in the groove and never looked back.

It was rather easy because August was a very very busy month.

I kept a daily log for awhile, then noticed I could go two to three days without feeling at all tempted.
A Month Without Television

But What About All Those Kardashian Reality Re-runs?
·   I didn’t watch any Kardashian television.  I didn’t watch The Bachelor finale. I didn’t miss it.  At all.  I even deleted all the episodes I hadn’t watched, including the finale. 

·   I wrote more.  I tried to crawl into bed at 9 and write down my Living Without thoughts, keeping a daily journal.  This was fun. Do you know how much writing you can get done with an hour?  It ADDS UP.  I have an article due tomorrow and it’s done because I wrote it at night instead of watching any television.

·   I read more books.  YEAH!!!

·   Because I was in bed earlier, I fell asleep earlier.  Big benefits! I was less tired during the day, and was able to run without injury all month.  I truly believe extra sleep strengthens the immune system.

·   I ate less junk because I wasn’t watching T.V.  I am now having a serious Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate withdrawal; there are some things I will never give up. 

Kicking the Habits We Want to Kick

·      The habit of not watching T.V. became easier over time; not because the it wasn’t tempting but because will power was strengthened.

·   Tip:  Have a replacement habit you enjoy.  Mine are reading, writing, blogging, loading photos, talking to husband, and sleeping.

·   Eliminate temptation:  My husband is my temptation.  We like to sit on the couch after a long day and talk between T.V. scenes.  He was a bit perturbed the first time I reminded him of my goal.  But over the next few weeks he stopped tempting me and our “quality” time didn’t suffer.

·   The one time I felt left out was when he watched a sports event on T.V.
    and I was banished to the study.  I got work done.

·   Start Small.  We often think we can’t do something before we’ve even tried.  Small is easy.  Break it up into little chunks.

·   More Trust in Self.  Keeping promises to ourselves gives us confidence.  We know we will do what we say we’ll do.

·   Be Accountable to something or someone.  This blog is mighty handy for that.

When I Messed Up:

·      I messed up on the very last day.  It was an accident.  My 9-year-old wanted me to find her a movie we taped.  I scrolled through the movies while a cooking show was on.  My mind fixated.  My eyes glazed over.  I watched dough being rolled.  I forgot.  We watched for five minutes before I remembered my goal.  “Ah!” I yelled, “I can’t watch T.V. this month!” 

Will I Continue Going Without Television?

I will do better.  But I won’t give it up completely. Every once in awhile it’s great, but I’m more aware of what I’m watching. I’m more committed to only watching something that is worth my time.  Does The Big Bang Theory count as quality television?  Uh, yeah!  I like watching movies with my husband and kids on the weekends. Balance.

Next Month:  Not Raising My Voice
·    I shall speak kindly and sweetly to all who cross my path

·    I will not yell up or down the stairs to any of my children.  What should I use?   A bell?  A whistle?  This might just kill me.

·    I will not raise my voice in anger while speaking to family members.  I will pause and consider how to respond in a calm manner.  I may grind my teeth down into sawdust or clench my hands into mush.

·    I will be a better example and keep a good feeling in our home by not yelling.

·    Soccer Coaching?  This one will be interesting.

I already have one vote of confidence from my son.  He says, “Don’t worry, mom, you’ll never be able to do it.”


4 thoughts on “A Month Without Television

  1. Dianne K. Salerni

    I think I could do a month without raising my voice, but I won’t get credit for it.

    Even if I reprimand a misbehaving student in the sweetest, most patient voice possible, he/she will still go home and claim I “yelled.”

    Sadly, in kid-speak, “yell” means “the teacher corrected me for doing something I wasn’t supposed to, but I’m offended because I liked what I was doing and I didn’t appreciate being asked to stop.”


  2. Andrea

    Maybe this month’s goal can also double as your exercise. Running up and down all those stairs to fetch children who “can’t hear” you. Then you won’t have to go running in the morning, can get more sleep . . . No, don’t give up the running!

  3. Julia Tomiak

    This is awesome! Keep it up. Reading and writing are so much better for you. When we moved into our new house, I kept the TV out of the bedroom ( hubby always used to watch TV before bed). Now, HE READS! The only trouble comes when one of us has a really good book that we can’t put down..,
    Yelling? You are an optimistic, ambitious woman. I will think of you and try to curtail my volume. But, it will be extremely hard.
    Good luck!


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