Anna Karenina, Beans, and Dishwasher Love

Miles Run:  O
Toe still says NO.

So I found other things to love…
I love that my 13-year-old still lines up her dolls and favorite animals
And reads Anna Karennina in bed

I love blackberries picked in summer mixed into muffins in winter.  If we had a working oven I would love to actually cook them.  seven more days until working oven…then maybe I’ll love lessons on patience.  

I love blackberries in smoothies…and that it’s almost blackberry season again!
I love that Brynne was scared because she was the youngest on the team and had never played basketball before, but she still put herself out there. I love that she knows what brave is.

I love that the boy wants to be like his dad

I love that I have a book problem.  I don’t love that we have a closet problem. 
I love protective armor

And pick-up-sticks

And small creatures even though my mom says they’ll destroy my house
I love sweet sorry notes.  It reminds me that I need to write one tonight.
I love walks in winter with strollers and babies, and I’m loving spring walks even more

I love crazy socks and knobby knees
And pets so real they talk

I love beans in mashed potatoes.  Do you remember doing this?  I hope you do.

After three looooong weeks, I love that the dishwasher is fixed.  It required the man coming into the house and flicking the breaker.  He didn’t even say, “duh.”  I appreciate him keeping that thought to himself.  

But my poor children.  They’re just crying their eyes out, wishing they could go a few more weeks doing the dishes by hand.  Shame, that.

3 thoughts on “Anna Karenina, Beans, and Dishwasher Love


    Gosh, your daughter looks just like you! I love your loves. I have Anna Karenina sitting on my bookshelf, but I have yet to read it. Back when I was able to devour books, a book that big didn’t intimidate me. I think it’d take me at least 6 months to finish it, now!


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