A girl’s best friend

Paigey…what are you doing over there?
Feeling a little sleepy?

Dogs are messy
they run away
they cost money
they smell
they bark at the neighbors
chase leaves
eat your chickens
Dogs take lots and lots of time
to train
to clean
did I mention chasing?

Sometimes I’m still shocked we ever got a dog

It’s been so worth it.


7 thoughts on “A girl’s best friend

  1. Dianne K. Salerni

    Eat your chickens???

    That’s one thing our dog doesn’t do, since we don’t have chickens. She also would never run away. She’s attached to us like glue.

    But she does like to roll around in disgusting things and then track that into the house. Does that count? ๐Ÿ˜€


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