Goals – Yahoo!

I think most people love new years and new starts.  

I certainly love the idea of a clean slate.

My parents were big on goals, and thus, I’m wired to make and keep them.  Or at least try.  Summer goals, school goals, career goals…

And I love New Year’s Goals.  We always sit down together and write a slew of new year’s resolutions.  I then feel buoyant and hopeful for a good few days.  

And then it’s really January and I’m sooo cold and it’s hard to run and did I mention how cold it is?  Everything it seems, correlates with one another.

But persist we must.  Time is going to pass anyway. 

I break goals into these categories:
Family (Be a better listener.  Stop and actually look my children in the eyes when they are telling me about duct tape bows and arrows and why they hated what they ate for lunch.  By golly, I’m gonna stop and listen)

Spiritual (Daily scripture reading/uplifting articles)

Physical (Upper body help(!) PR in two half-marathons)

Personal (Learn how to use my camera, organization (double help), and grow herbs – don’t laugh)

And of course, Writing.

I have the most trouble with writing because I don’t know what color my parachute is yet.  Blog focus?  Freelance articles?  Novel?  This is the year I must find out.
Guess how much writing I did in December?  That’s just the way it has to go for me, at Christmastime.  But I’m revving to go…
This is my large (I won’t say overwhelming because I’m going to tackle it and not feel afraid of the big bad wolf) writing project. These cards are all the chapters of my novel that I shelved months ago.  And yet, can’t seem to let go of.  I guess I know what color I want my parachute to be.  But where will that parachute take me?  Somewhere?  Nowhere?

Isn’t that a great quote?

As for all my other goals, I’ve decided to break up everything into months and then weeks and write in on my planner.

Do you write out your goals?  Do you make new year resolutions?

The motivation is still high!  Good luck to us all.


8 thoughts on “Goals – Yahoo!

  1. annewoodman

    Great quote! Wow.

    I have done resolutions and not done resolutions, and things work out about the same. I do have a mental list of Big Things: find full-time writing job, finish novel, run regularly and maybe do a half-marathon (my fun distance).

    Always, always, I need to listen to my kids and husband more and be in the moment. Sometimes I do that better than other times. But it’s always a goal.

  2. Magnolia Verandah

    I really must write down my goals – they then are there to remind me what I really want to do, and they don’t drift into the background of everyday life. Good luck with yours in 2013.

  3. Julia Tomiak

    Yes! I write goals. I used to love Stephen Covey (sniff, I know he passed away last year), and I think it’s important to have a plan, to live intentionally. I now enjoy listening to Michael Hyatt’s podcast when I run- he’s also into productivity and often quotes Mr. Covey.
    Good luck finding your color. I love the voice of your blog posts and hope those continue. But the novelist in me salutes and encourages the novelist in you.
    I’m behind with the writing too, my friend. But we will get back to it! Happy New Year!


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