Wrapping Newtown in Love

I know some moms who have started a love campaign for Newtown…
It’s simple, and lovely.  Cut out a heart from 8 1/2 x 11 size paper.  Have your kids write happy notes.  No need to go into all the details; just write a note filled with love.
Include first name, age, and state.  Hearts of all sizes needed.  Can’t think of a better thing to do with my time during the Christmas season.

Send to: P.O. Box 754 Bethel, CT 06801

Many, many thanks to the volunteers who will deliver our hearts. 
Please share this message so that Newtown can be wrapped in love this holiday season. 

You can find Hearts to Newtown on facebook.

Blessings, friends.


6 thoughts on “Wrapping Newtown in Love

  1. AmyMak

    Anywho, I wanted to thank you for sharing the info on the hearts for Newtown. My kids have expressed an interest in sending cards or something, so this sounds like a perfect idea to do over Christmas break.

    Also, I love the pics of the walk you took with Paige. I like cows, too, although I don’t know a Holstein from a Berenstain. 😉 You’re a quick thinker with your ‘flirting’ reply. I think that’s perfect.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas. We had snow, but now 5 days of rain has washed it all away. I hope we get more before Tuesday. Take care!


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