Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores: Chore Wheel

Did you ever have one of these when you were little?
I did.
Chore Wheel Supplies:  
Paper plate, sharpee, brad thingy, construction paper circle.
The Chore Wheel has been resurrected in this house.  And it was mighty fine time for it.  Each person has a different “zone” each day.  Mom inspects and then child is free.  Day off of school?  Child is responsible for that zone all day.

We do the Chore Wheel Monday-Thursday.  Friday-Sat are different chores 🙂

It’s working.  Really well.
Even 5-year-olds can vacuum.  

And vacuuming makes everyone happy – see?

Paige has the laundry zone so she is vacuuming the rug by the laundry machine.  She’ll also clear off that counter and help mom fold laundry, although everyone is responsible for putting their own clothes away.

It’s working wonders around here. Even Paige says, “I did my zone!”  Although 5-year-old does need a wee bit of help when mom loads the laundry counter with compost.

“Can I play computer?”  Do your zone.  “Can I have a cookie?”  Do your zone.

What if they don’t do it?  If you are consistent, they will do it.  You don’t have to nag either.  Because when it’s time for something they want…then you can bring up the Chore Wheel.

The other day Daddy came home and looked around the house suspiciously.  “Why is the house so clean?”  I looked up from the couch and my bon-bons and said lazily, “I really don’t know, honey.  I haven’t done a thing all day.”  And just to get all Brady Bunch on you, Brynne jumped up and down saying, “We did it!”

That would be a partially true story.  Except I don’t really know what a bon-bon is.

And to be inclusive, you could put everyone on the Chore Wheel.  Mom, Cat, Dog, Husband.

Doesn’t this just tickle you pink?  Thanks mom, for all the chore wheels.

I really don’t have any work to do around here anymore.


11 thoughts on “Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores: Chore Wheel

  1. Sarah

    I am counting down the days when all the kids are old enough to REALLY help out. They do help out now, but you know what I mean when I say it’s the kind of help that makes more work for me in the end. I’m making a wheel asap!

  2. Julia Tomiak

    I love this! We have used a chore chart for years, but it’s more specific- set the table, feed the dog, etc. On Saturday, we have bigger jobs- dusting, windows, collect trash, etc. I might use this “zone” idea when we are all home- weekends, snow days. I think it will do them some good to take part in the tidying.
    Looking forward to some Bon bons. (I’m thinking they are chocolates filled with yummyness)!

  3. Haunani

    Don’t you just love working yourself out of a job??
    And I LOVE that you made it so simple. That’s half my problem sometimes is thinking that I have to make it professional and beautiful and that it needs to be magazine worthy before I can unveil it and present the PLAN to the rest of the family. Oh, I make things so hard. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I LOVE that idea for a chore wheel. I could really get some use out of it. And I like the idea how you can mix it up so that one kid isn’t stuck with the same ‘zone’ all the time. Brilliant! -K


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