How to Impress the Boy

He’s only smiling because I told him to.
This guy’s becoming guyfied, meaning there is no smiling in pictures. That is way uncool.
He has that flip thing going with his hair in front, inspired by “Kato” from The Hunger Games which I just wish would pass since it’s a story about kids killing off the other kids.  Passing stage, passing stage…well, get on with it!  Can’t we backpedal to something gentler like Bambi?
Me:  “How do you like your new teacher?”
Nelson:  “Hmmmm….” (he took a minute to mull this over) “Actually, she has potential. She has a nose ring and likes Lord of the Rings.”

I blink.  Interesting.

The next day he says, “She is soooo awesome.”  Apparently she hung swords across the white board.

Really?  That’s all it takes?  
I think this teacher must be very, very clever.  All she had to do was find that thing…a few words, props.  Simple!  Effective.  And they are now maleable putty in her hands.
I’m mulling the marital lesson in this.  
As for the sixth grader.  I’m still going to pretend he said, Bambi.


3 thoughts on “How to Impress the Boy

  1. annewoodman

    Sigh. I have a sixth grader, too. I can relate!

    I think his teacher is a genius and should be treated as such. Gain lessons from her, Grasshopper, and pass them along to us (fellow parents of middle schoolers).

  2. Julia Tomiak

    Yes this teacher is awesome (because I like LOTR also, but not necessarily nose rings.) I wonder, does she have as much sway over the young women in her classroom?
    And I’m with you on the Hunger Games stuff. Still haven’t let my 12 year old read it. I’m calling it a “PG 13 book.” He’s accepted it. When he does read it, we’ll talk. A lot.


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