Motorcycle Mama

In college I loved motorcycles.  
Oh yes, I did.
I was always hopping on them, going here and there with boys I sort of knew.  
The wind blowing my hair back?  The thrill of speed?  Lovely.
I usually wore a helmet but sometimes not.  
We have a friend who is working on a downstairs bedroom for Cope.  He often comes on a motorcycle.
It just so happened that he was double dating with another couple that Cope was babysitting for.

Instead of me driving her over, it made more sense for Cope to catch a ride.

Mom, she asked worried, where do I put my hands? (how embarrassing!)

Oh my.  They’re really just going to drive off?

Uh-hmmm…that’s my baby on the back of your bike.

Chris is a very responsible driver.

Off they went.  Was I getting a glimpse of my future?
Somehow, it’s not quite as thrilling to have your children behind that thing.
This is why parents worry.  I totally get it.
Did she have fun?
Gladly, I seem to have enjoyed my motocycle rides more than she.  I hope she feels that way in college!

3 thoughts on “Motorcycle Mama


    You are very, very brave. I don’t know if I could have watched my daughter sail off on the back of a motorcycle.

    I never got into motorcycles when I was younger. They have always terrified me. It’s the same with convertibles–I’ll get in one if I have to, but I am a nervous nellie during the trip.

    Great pics!


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