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By June 4, 2012 6 Comments
Have I mentioned, maybe a couple of times, that I kind of like to run?
Watching is just as thrilling.  I can’t wait to watch the Olympics.  Cope made it to the state track meet, qualifying in the mile run and as the first leg of the 4×100 relay.  Is that a beautiful track or what? (Check out Nellie’s new duct tape mohawk hat.)
My hands were clammy, my heart pounding.  Watching my children run can move me to tears.
Have you ever run the shuttle relay?  Oh, it is so fun.  You have to time the hand off or you will drop the baton and looooose.  On Cope’s team, the back runner yelled, “Peanut!” and that prompted the runner ahead to start running.  When “Butter!” was yelled, the front runner stuck her hand back to grab the baton.  Oh yes, I do love a good race.  Most of all, my girl had fun.
Memorial Day we ran our annual 5k Black Fly Blitz with the cousins.  Paige is mad here b/c Brynne moved her over.  “I want to run!” she wailed.  I told her if she started she had to finish the whole 3.1 miles.  She nodded enthusiastically. And I gave her my racing bib.

Here’s Nellie with his cousin, Dennison, and his buddies.  Check out the 5-toe shoes!

See that little blue shirt in the middle, a little to the left?  That was my Paige, taking off after her cousins.

After 300 yards she decided that was enough.  Nice Uncle Ben ran back with her while pushing two children in a stroller.
Where was her mother, you say?  Running like the wind up front?  Oh no.  Sadly, my foot was not cooperating.  I contemplated up until the very last hour.  I iced, wrapped, took ibuprofin, and stayed clear of cute shoes the entire weekend.  I even wore my running shoes to church.  With a dress.  On Brynne’s baptism day.  Just so I was giving my foot its very best shot.
I thought, I’ll just run and take care of it later.  But wisdom nagged at me.  I was limping. It wasn’t gonna happen.
And so, when one cannot run, one must cheer.
Holy bananas!  That’s a fast 5k!

Here comes Emily, my cousin. Four babies later and she’s still got it.

Nelson said he did NOT want his buddy, Dave, to beat him.  I told him, “Let Dave set the pace.  You just stay with him and sprint it out at the end.” He did it perfectly.  That’s him in the blue coming in.  Dave beat him by two seconds and I was so proud of them both.  They ran a 26 minute 5k.  If Nelson can beat me before he goes to high school, his Uncle Seth will fly him to San Diego.  Nelson thought I should have run with my hurt foot.

Little Denny on the left, bringing it in with the big kids.

Brynne was a social bee during most of the run, chattering and walking at times.  But at the end she sprinted in.

And Annielle, age 6, was trailed by Ben, who always pushes the babies and beats half the crowd anyway.  It was a great race day with beautiful weather.  After, we headed to the lake and ate big burgers. 

My foot is better, but I worry…when will I run?  Will I ever wear cute shoes again?  I swam the other day, yes sir, I took the plunge in the lake water and swam to the island until a power boat scared me back to shore.  The water felt amazing, refreshing, and my hair desperately needed a wash (we are out of hot water until Tuesday! I went to a dress-up dinner on Friday smelling suspiciously like a lake.)  But I am missing the pound of the shoe, the sweat, and natural high. 
Maybe next week will be the week.
I tried out the boot for awhile.  It reminds me of the song Nelson likes to sing…I’m sexy and I know it…



  • Debbie Brown says:

    Love these pictures! Love to see them all run. I’m thinking the fam and I are going to hit some of the Disney 5Ks this fall. Can’t wait!!

    Heal quickly!

  • I loved following this. I hope your foot feels better soon. Keep chanting that song, girl, in that sexy boot.

  • Love the pics and the commentary, I can totally “hear” you cheering everyone on. You are such a good sport, Amy. I don’t know if I could have done that–well, I suppose I would have but I’d have been pouting like Paige 😉

    Hope your foot gets better–!

  • kimmalee says:

    Wow that Nellie is fast! Sorry your foot is still a mess! Have you been to a doctor? Any idea what’s going on? I hope you heal soon. You’ve got to be going crazy without your running fix. Love you guys.

  • Julia Tomiak says:

    Good for you to find a positive way to participate in the race! The pretty shoes will come. Hang in there. Have you come up with a dance to go with the boot and the song? 😉

  • Emmy says:

    Great post Amy. So fun to see the pictures. And so sorry you couldn’t be running with everyone. We didn’t see Tagg last weekend, but we should see him this weekend. Ben said he’d talk with him. (Also liked the Time post…hope you get THAT story…)
    Hope that foot gets better soon.

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