Day For Dad

In preparation for Father’s Day, I was working on a talk I gave at church today.  
Brynne was preparing by catching a frog.  She named him Froggy-FooFoo.
She put him in a watering can with grass, covered it, and fell asleep in our bed.  Froggy-FooFoo spent the night next to Brynne’s daddy, on his bedside table.  When he came into the bedroom he said, “What is that thing doing in here?”  
The next morning Brynne let Froggy go because she felt bad for him.  It happily hopped away, and so began Father’s Day for Froggy-FooFoo and the daddy in our house.

It is always best to get a picture before church, when everyone is tucked in and hair is cute and combed, but we were running late so I made everyone go outside after church.  Picture after picture…

This is the best we could do.
But oh man, we sure love this guy.

After a fabulous Sunday nap, cards were given

Brynne made a robot

Our gifts for Dad seem to revolve around food.  Maybe we should circle back to socks and a tie.

For the second year in a row I gave Gregor a 2011 scrapbook I made on-line.  It was supposed to be done in January, but I’ve decided June is a great Father’s Day goal.  I love how it turned out.  Never going back to all that tape and cutting and paper and page protectors…

And then we set up for a late picnic as the sun was beginning to set.  
And had good company – Arthur and Heather and Eddie from Brooklyn, New York.  We called my dad in Arizona and said, “We’ll be seeing you in two days!”

Arthur.  We love our Arthur.

“Grandma!” Paige cried.  “I can’t find my loose tooth!”

The sun set and the air turned cool.  But still we were happy as we contemplated the love we feel for the dads in our lives.  Yep, we’re some lucky kids!


One thought on “Day For Dad

  1. Lindsey

    So cute! Happy Father’s Day, Gregor!

    So glad you’ve been converted to digital scrapbooks. Love them! (I’m sure Becky will be disappointed in you though!) 🙂

    Beautiful picture of the setting sun and your table. Will we see you one last time tonight before your big trip???


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