Welcome to the Family

Last week was April vacation for the kids.  A whole week with mom!
This is fluffy boy, before his dad got his hands on him.  It’s hard to be shaggy around Gregor.  He frowns and furrows until finally…”Let’s give you a trim – just a little bit.”  Nelson protests and runs away but in the end, his hair gets chopped.
Nelson also wants to gain weight.  It’s a boy thing.  Actually, I used to drink raw eggs in chocolate milk.  I remained a shrimp.  Here he drinks Jillian Michaels’ protein powder in a milkshake.  Alas, I don’t think we’ve produced any Shaquille O’Neals.  Sorry, buddy.

I keep these ducks on my kitchen windowsill.  They remind me of my four little ducklings.  And spring break.
How to motivate children to be sweet cherubs for an entire week at home?  Mom bucks?  Each had $5 divided into little 25 cent “bucks” which they had to pay for fighting, being unkind, or talking back.  They got into it.  Today is payday.  I think we both made out.
My children are obsessed with more pets.  I received a hundred notes from Brynne requesting a turtle.  Sadly, the answer was always the same.  No.

We got a baby instead.  Cope came home on Friday and said, “Mom, you’re now a grandmother!”  This is Robert.  It’s for her school reproductive unit.  (Didn’t this used to be a HIGH SCHOOL project?)  She is paired up with a boy who said she better not make Robert “too preppy.”  

She printed out a picture from the internet and said, “doesn’t he look like me?”  Robert cannot be left unattended for an entire week.  Maybe I’ll get to hold him during track meets.  I don’t call him Robert.  I call him, “Sugah.”
Sadly, we won’t be welcoming any tomato plants into the family.  They all died.  When starting seeds you must get “seed starting” soil, not just “potting soil.” I can’t believe I did this.  Rookie mistake.  I don’t have the energy to start all over.  We’ll see what happens if I just start them outside this year.

Since there was no hope for a turtle, Brynne changed tactics and began writing notes about fish.  Notice the first girl name is, “Amy.”

She had her friends at school write me notes.

She appealed to daddy with “need” and mom with the checkbook.  Interesting.

A beautiful Sunday afternoon prompted a great dandelion project.  It took over a hour until all the little holes in the backyard table were filled.  Then we ate dinner on it.  And swatted the nasty black flies that have hatched.  Sometimes it’s real hard to enjoy spring in New Hampshire.  Pure torture.

So Brynne got her fish.  And she did pay for it.

And since Brynne got a fish, so did Cope and Paige.  Brynne paid for Paige’s fish and Cope used her babysitting money.  Paige named hers, “Violet,” except she says it wrong every time and calls it, “Violent.”  She messes with the water so much the fish has flopped out twice.  Violent probably looks at her like Nemo looked at that braces girl…HELP!  We’ll see if Violent lasts the week.

Did you know dandelion juice stains?  Real.  Bad.  Who needs clean clothes anyway, when you’ve got great art in the backyard?


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

  1. Debbie Brown

    Love this! Katie says you should get Brynne a turtle. That way, maybe I’ll get Katie one too. See, 5,000 miles away and they are still in cahoots! Can’t wait to see you guys this summer!

  2. Lisa

    Ahh, the sack of flour. We had eggs, and yes, it was in high school! The kids in our area have this computerized baby that measures everything – if it gets tilted too far they lose points. It cries in the middle of the night and they have this special bottle they have to feed it. Be glad it’s only a sack of flour!

  3. 4amwriter.com

    What a dedicated art project–dandelions! Who did most of the work? The fish thing is funny, and I can picture the fiasco with Violent! Sorry about your tomatoes. I am bad in the garden, so I don’t even bother trying to do something like that. Love the pics!


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