The Inventor

I’ve learned two things this week:
1)  The shamrock shake is not that gross.  It’s actually kindof…good?  We had it last night after Nelson’s 3rd place finish at his very last pine wood derby – wahoo!  The kids were thrilled with the whipped cream and cherry on top, even though they had to share.  As for me?  It just goes to show that it’s good to try new things because the husband likes it.  And vice versa, of course!  Boy I’ve got plans.
2)  The second thing I learned is actually something I already knew, but must have buried way down deep in my subconscious.  It’s this:  The infant car seat is the most awkward, uncomfortable contraption ever, to try and carry.  Totally unfair.  It’s a great invention.  It does its job.  It keeps that precious baby safe and cozy.  But.  Trying to walk with that thing either banging against your shin, calf, hips, or abs is totally horrible.  
I’ve been watching a 5-month-old for two days and I was reminded how much I hate that car seat.  I count this as a blessing.  For it has reminded me that there are some things I just don’t miss…like walking anywhere with that car seat.  And while we’re at it, I don’t miss buckling and unbuckling it either.  Although it takes only 30 seconds, the thought of buckling, unbuckling, walking into a store, putting it on the cart and making delightful baby noises to keep baby and another child entertained, then buckling it back into the car?  It makes me need a nap.  I think I’d rather not go to the store.
It reminds me of when someone would say, “Why didn’t you just run that last errand while you were already in Concord?”  Are you kidding me!  Let’s talk about that car seat!
This baby is super super easy.  She smells so good, smiles and coos.  She’s also sleeping right now, which is good since she doesn’t sleep through the night yet…we bonded as she slept on my chest last night.  A sweet experience on the the one hand, walking zombie on the other.  
Having a baby in the house reminded me why lots of kids is easier than one!  Good thing I had helpers to feed baby while I made a sandwich for breakfast, tried to squeeze in a load of laundry, load the dishwasher, and attempted to comb my hair.
I think this experience was God’s way of saying, “See?  Your life is good just the way it is.”  And so it is.  We should enjoy the stage of life we are in.  Every last moment.  And then enjoy the next one.
But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about that car seat.  Nelson is right on it.  He’s the inventor of the family.  Since he was a little boy he always wanted to play with aluminum foil, rubber bands, paper clips…odd things.  And then he would make something.
Edison’s mother encouraged her son to fiddle.  He had a whole workshop of bits, piece, parts…junk.  I’ve decided I must be more like that.  Let him fiddle away.  
Thomas A. Edison – “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”
This is a seed catcher.  Made out of toilet paper and a skewer.  It flies through the sky catching…seeds.  Don’t ask me!

He recently made a shoe he could actually wear, out of duct tape.  He was going for Star Wars boots.  If you’re ever wondering what to get Nelson, think duct tape.  He just loves, loves, loves, that stuff.
Often, I don’t even ask him what he’s doing.  This was one of those times.  My special craft glue and dirt.  He was making some sort of really hard ball.  Probably to chuck at his sisters.  Or a Harry Potter snitch.  I’m not sure. Even though it ruined the plate and got dirt and glue all over the kitchen floor and counters (before he was banished outside), I didn’t yell at him.
Because he’s on his way to a big invention…starting with that car seat that is so horribly awkward to carry.  My back is still hurting.  Won’t we all be so grateful?  Yes, Mamas, I got your back.

3 thoughts on “The Inventor

  1. Melissa Sarno

    I love your little inventor! That’s really neat. I recently heard a motivational speaker talk about ‘innovating like Edison’ and he would encourage your son to continue exploring like this. 🙂 The duck tape shoes are incredible.


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