Father’s Day

I am very blessed to have such good fathers in my life
A father-in-law who raised good boys to become wonderful fathers and husbands.  We’re trying to make Art a man of leisure but alas, he likes to work, he likes to serve.  His is always feeding someone, bringing them bread or clam chowder.  He lets his grandchildren bother him in the kitchen even when he’s really busy.  He makes time for people.  He’s quiet but can engage anyone in conversation and then he’ll actually listen.  He doesn’t scan the crowd for someone more important to talk to.  He’s perceptive, intelligent, recognizes the spiritual connections in life.  He’s also very funny.  I sure do love this guy.

And a wonderful father who raised good brothers to become good fathers.  When I think of my dad, I think of him standing on top of a hill while I scanned the crowd to make sure he was at one of my track meets.  I think of him teaching me how to drive, sitting on the edge of my bed giving me advice, eating popcorn and loving his root beer, helping me move a million times, buying me saltwater taffy, employing me to clean his office, taking me to lunch, being on the stand at church, delivering messages filled with the spirit, a faithful man always.  My dad is always kind, always makes me laugh, and doesn’t like new cars or to appear that he has more than anyone else.  And I’ve grown to really appreciate that.
I don’t see my dad often enough but I bet I think about him everyday.  Happy Father’s Day.  I sure do love and miss you!
And then there’s this guy…
I told Cope to get a picture with me biting him, but she got me wiping the spit off his face.  We were arguing about who was taller.  He insisted he was.  Ok, I’ll give it to him.  It was father’s day, after all.

I think this is my new favorite picture.
For Father’s Day Gregor got me a new phone…(because I’m technologically challenged and don’t really care).  I know, I’m supposed to get him things.  He got exciting presents such as socks, root beer, homemade crafts, and the 2010 digital photo album I made.  I sure do love this guy.  After church we went to visit our neighbor in the hospital and then he took the kids to fly a kite, and then we visited his dad.  He didn’t even get his special father’s day dinner because it was so late, but he said that was okay.  We ate lava cakes once the kids were in bed.  Thanks for being such a great dad.  When you get married, you don’t really know how your spouse will change or really be with your children.  It’s a great leap of faith.  Everyday I feel lucky.  Our children love daddy.

We happened to see Art in the parking lot at church and after several attempts, this was the best we could get.  Cope is super sore from a bad sunburn, Art has sensitive eyes to the flash, and Gregor did attempt to smile.
Thanks to all good dads.  And Happy Father’s Day.

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