Ten Years

It wasn’t until I read Lindsey’s post that I realized that a decade had just gone by.  Amazing how life has changed in ten years.  I thought about significant events:

2 1/2 years of marriage turned into 13 1/2

Understood how you could love someone more than yourself

A new mother of one to a more “seasoned” mother of 4

Had four healthy pregnancies

No major illnesses

Understood why 12 teenage boys were good birth control

Apparently I’m a slow learner

Stayed up way too late every Saturday night waiting for the last kid to come in, praying there was no alcohol on his breathe or glazed pot eyes.

Potty-trained 4 children

Read a whole lot of parenting books

And People magazines

Only had 1 ER visit for a child and 1 for the husband

Traveled to Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Florida, Maine, Vermont, NYC, Rhode Island, Boston

Changed a million diapers

Nursed 4 babies

Gave away all the baby stuff.  And was sad.

Saw three children go to kindergarten and one to middle school

Had a child yell, “I hate you.”

Had children say, “I love you,” more.

Said good-bye to being a dorm parent for nine years!

Got a job teaching biology, then anatomy & physiology, then strength & conditioning

Many pig dissections 🙂

Just said good-bye to all those jobs but swore I’d be back

Bought our first home!

Learned how to garden, paint walls, fix a few things, install a tiled floor

Survived two flooded basements

Cried a lot

Laughed more

Had Nelson teach me how to play chess

Cope tried to teach me to knit

Brynne taught me how to like the spunkiest of children

Paige showed me why youngest children are spoiled

Learned that childhood won’t last and having a child sneak into my bed at night is the least of my worries.

Taught 3 children piano lessons

Learned how to cook, make bread

Learned how to grocery shop with four children in tow – happily 🙂

Began making chore charts

Phased out of newlywed to wife and mother for the long haul

Ran a lot of 5ks

Ran a marathon and a couple halfs

Saw my hair morph into many different styles

Tried many a hair gel 🙂

Frowned at many stubborn white hairs

Said good-bye to too many friends

Said hello to new ones

All of my siblings married.  And I’m the luckiest sister-in-law in the world.

All my brothers and Gregor’s brothers served missions

Became a mini-van mom.  Oh my gosh.

Went from a church branch to ward.  Served in many callings.

Filled 10 scrapbooks

Gregor’s family was sealed for time and all eternity

Got a fish, chickens, and a dog

Parents moved from childhood home

Got a cell phone, a personal computer, started a blog

Began to really write

Had many a confidence crises’

Became more confident

Was part of a real birth

Coached many athletes and conditioned many sports teams

Saw Gregor coach, teach, work in admissions, and now director of athletics

Discovered Forbidden Chocolate

Nurtured children and began to see what my most fulfilling job in this life will be

The next ten: 


Middle school

Dating.  Oh my gosh.

Boys.  Girls.

Out of control homework.



More piano lessons and violin and soccer and karate and skiing and…


Separation (no!)

Another kindergarten

Twin boys.  that one’s for you G.

High school


Money.  Hopefully earned.

A job outside of children.  What it will be I have no idea.  But I have a hope.

A finished basement

A Proctor sabbatical (better happen buster!)

Young Women

Young Men

Travel to foreign lands:  Spain, Venice, and Israel.  Maybe Iowa too.

In ten years I will be 45 (gasp!)  Gregor will be 47 (bigger gasp!)  Cope will be 21 (falling over now) Nelson will be 19 (mission?) Brynne will be 16 (dating!) and Paige will 13 (oh boy.)

It goes at warp speed when you look back, doesn’t it?

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you -John DePaola


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