Winter Running Gear

By December 12, 2010 One Comment
“Maintenance Amy.  Maintenance.”  That was Ross, the running guru’s, reminder to me.
That’s what winter is all about.  Maintenance.
Forget the treadmill.
I woke up this morning at 6:30 and saw that there was snow!  Just a teensy tinsy bit.  But I love the first snow and how quiet it makes everything.  
I looked outside.  Thought about the treadmill.
That’s all it took.  I put on my running tights and scooted out the door before anyone could stop me (ok, I had to park Paige and Brynne in front of PBS Arthur.)  It amazes me.  I can rarely sneak out of bed.  It’s like each child has a mommy radar that sounds in their head “mom’s awake, hurry stop her! Get up get up!”  In a sad sort of way, this is only Brynne and Paige now.  Nelson and Cope have finally learned to sleep in.
Anyway, I went four miles easy.  I haven’t been outside for almost two weeks and I could tell.  P90X is killer – did plyos today, but I still wanted that running fix.
So I say forget the treadmill.  With the right clothing, it’s easier to get yourself outside.
Here’s what you need for the winter running:
The shoes, of course.  I have a couple pair I alternate, but for slush, you probably don’t want the super-mesh.  And for really cold days, mesh let’s too much cold in.  Socks?  Yes.

The running mitten.  I have gloves but my hands freeze when it’s really cold.  This year I hope to acquire the running mitten, where all my digits are together.  It gets hot though, so the fold down option would be nice.

The running tight.  Oh yeah, you know you want ’em.  I have a pair I still wear from high school.  They’re hideous.  My new tights are thicker and more flattering.  Yeah, Nike is cool but my pair are $10 Danskins from Wal-mart.  I was shocked and thrilled to find out I loved them.
All images are from google images.  Who knows if there is still a sale?  But for all cold runs I wear the ear warmer.

For really cold runs?  Switch to a hat.  And a face cover.  This is another acquisition must on my list.  LL Bean makes a mask for $10.  I’m still tying a scarf around my face.  An old ratty purple knit one from my mother.  But hey, it works.

Lots of winter lip balm

Yaxtrak?  In college I fell on FLAT on my face after hitting ice.  It was ugly.  Painful.  So I’m still skittish when it comes to running on ice.  I’m thinking maybe these?  I’ve never tried them.  Should I?

For winter runs you need a base layer.  I like the Nike running shirt with the turtleneck and thumb hooks.  You want to keep your wrists covered or they will freeze.  I have two shirts I alternate October-March.  Get them at an end of season sale since they are pricey.  They are worth it.

For really cold days I like to wear a vest instead of a jacket.  You think you’ll never warm up, but you alway do.  I’m still learning this lesson.  A vest will keep the core warm but the arms cool, making you feel less over-heated.  Of course, for freeeeezing weather, a jacket must go on.  And that’s when I usually find the treadmill…

There you go.  Just you and the open road.  It’s so quiet you’ll want to keep it that way; a reverence not to be interrupted.  No ipod required.
It’s a beautiful thing.

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  • kimmalee says:

    It does look beautiful and peaceful and oh how I love winter gear. I miss my gloves, scarf, and the need to wear my wool pea coat. The winter running gear looks fabulous as well. I wish I had a reason to get me some!

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