Tufts 10k

If you are ever interested in running with 8 THOUSAND female runners, here’s an event for you…
The Tufts 10k in Boston!  Hosted every Columbus Day.
We took the train into the big city yesterday.  Childcare had to be arranged.  I thought I might be getting a cold.  I questioned the sanity of the trip.
But then you arrive.
Can you say ENERGY?
The streets were lined with screaming fans.
It was fun running with 8000 girls.
It was frustrating running with 8000 girls.
Next time I will climb the fence to get closer to the front like Sarah and Diane did.  Laura and I were still weaving in and out of runners at mile 5!  When the gun went off I was still standing still.  For a long time…  The first mile took me 16 minutes there was so much traffic.  But it was cool.  Girls, moms, grannies, walkers…you name it, that chick was there.
I could use my ipod.  The energy was contagious.
The long-sleeve tech shirt is cool.  The snacks (luna bars, power aides, granola bars, fruit, bagels, etc) were outstanding.
Joan Benoit ran (AFTER running the Chicago marathon the day before with a sub 3.)  Amazing.  She’s 52.  Legend.
We stopped at the Bill Rodgers Running Center.  Another legend.
I think this will be a tradition.
This was a race I needed.
This was the day Amy got her mojo back 🙂

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