Cope Can See!

After Cope miserably failed her eye appointment last month we made an appointment at Dr. Barban’s.  She was jumping up and down she was so excited.  Glasses!  Who knew?

Reading to Paige in the waiting area – a GREAT help to mama.
It’s just fun to observe this transformation
I had Cope go in by herself but the nurse came out and said she wanted me.  This made me happy.  I didn’t even have to be pushy about it!
Cope was sad we didn’t immediately leave with the glasses, but with an Rx in hand, she was sufficiently assuaged.
“Mom, stop it,” she says.  After the dilation, and squinting at sunlight, she wore my sunglasses into the grocery store.  I had insisted she was going back to school but after begging and pleading, I let her come home for the rest of the day.
Thanks to Deb for the great web find:!  Cope’s glasses were just that:  $39!  They came quickly and the Rx was perfect.  The family gathered around for the unveiling.  She chose the design and color herself:  burgundy starfish.  Lovely.
Brynne and Paige keep yelling, “I want glasses too!”
A studious Brynne
Glasses changed the way Cope looks.  Cope kept telling her sisters, “I’m still me!” As we drove she kept saying,  “Mom, I can see all the individual leafs!”  
With her beret, glasses, and long sweater, that girl is finding a style all her own.  I love it.  Off she goes to school, nervous about what her peers will have to say.  They were all nice.
Speaking of peers and style.
Cope has her first “Homecoming” dance tonight.  6:30-9:20.
Sixth-Eighth graders.  Boys and Girls.
In the dark.  All that “jungle” music.  (ha ha, I’m kidding kindof)
No parents allowed.
Isn’t that strange?
I need an explanation!
All the sixth grade girls are super duper excited.  The outfits have been planned, (jeans, t-shirts, messy buns or loose.  No dresses or fancy hair), the boys have been asked for one slow dance each and boy oh boy am I milking it.  Cope has never cleaned her room so fast or practiced the piano so well!
This is a very exciting night. I’m still trying to figure out how to sneak in without getting caught.  If I’m arrested for espionage, you’ll bail me out, right?
On another fun note, check out my article HERE for an edited version of a blog post I wrote about Cope!
(Post-edit comment…Cope declared the dance “the best night of my life.”  She was asked to “go out” with three boys, which she declined 🙂 That’s my girl!  As my dad used to always tell me…”boys are bad.”)

2 thoughts on “Cope Can See!

  1. Debbie Brown

    OK, Cope’s been home from the dance for an hour – HOW WAS IT??? Oh, if I’m this bad over Cope’s first dance I’m going to need to be medicated for Katherine’s!

    Love that berret wearing, cool glasses, stylin’ Cope!


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