The Phone Quandry

I love my cell phone.  How did I ever live without it?  I call Gregor in the grocery store, one aisle over to ask him about tomatoes.  I call my parents when I’m on the long ride to the grocery store.  It’s how I catch up on news with my sister and my brothers.

I have a Motorola Razor.  Don’t laugh.  Patrick.  It used to be the cat’s meow.  In 2000.  My contract is way over due so I can basically get a free phone.  I’ve resisted for a long time because I like my phone and I know how to use it.  I’m basically a technology luddite.  Have you ever heard of that?  I’d never heard of it until John Mayer said that about Jennifer Anniston and I looked it up.  (How do I know these things!!!)  I’m basically an ignoramus when it comes to technology.

It’s good to be pushed, to learn.  If it weren’t for my husband I would still be developing film at the grocery store.

I’m constantly asking Gregor to help me – “I did what you said and it still won’t work!” and then he’ll do it and it works.  Even when I follow directions, applications don’t work (sorry Nate!)  I’m constantly emailing my sister-in-law Cassie for photo help.  You’re all so patient.  It’s amazing I know how to blog.
On our date Monday, Gregor took me into a Verizon store.   Ohhhhh…so many nice phones.  I can be talked into a new one.  But which one?

The Blackberry is pretty cool.
Gregor has a smart phone.  And boy is it smart!  I was a widow for a good month as he figured it out.  Now it’s just the mistress.  The smart mistress.  With a male voice.
  I loved it on vacation.  It talked to us and told us how to get ANYWHERE!  In the middle of Wyoming we found a Panera. tells you where the cheapest gas in the state is.  Or a Coldstone.  Point it at the sky and it tells you which constellation.  Genius.  It can talk in an Australian accent.  We could pretend it’s Hugh Jackman.
“Turn right mate!”
“Thank you Hugh.”  
Here’s my quandry:  the data plan.  All smart phones require one.  And I am resisting.  Gregor cannot understand how I want to keep my pen and paper with me at all times.  I’m constantly jotting stuff down.  To do lists?  Character observations?  I love my paper.
And data plans are at least $30/month!  Frankly, I’d rather get a new shirt once a month.  Or a pair of earrings.  You feel me dog?
Why do I need a smart phone?  To update facebook?  No.  Browse internet?  On a tiny screen?  No.  Look at email?  eh.  Directions?  Yes.  Calendar and organization?  Does it work for you?
This is all I really want:  To call and to text.  I’ve just recently gotten the texting bug.  REALLY like that.  But it wasn’t included in my plan so it was costing me every time I received or texted back (but Gregor fixed that little problem for me last night for $5.  See?  I need him).
Do you have an opinion?  Do I need a smart phone?  I’d like to know.  Or maybe I can just live right here in the dark ages.  Me and Jennifer.  

5 thoughts on “The Phone Quandry

  1. Jacks

    I can’t go there. I can’t justify using a phone enough to pay the extra 30 a month. I only call and text. Don’t need it much for data….but perhaps I will. Someday.

    So many nice phones that don’t require the data – and when you do need it, isn’t that what Gregor’s for?

    However, the subway apps, etc. that our friends had in NY were very helpful when we got lost leading 70 around.

  2. Cassandra

    In all honesty, it’s completely unneccesary for 99% of the population, but it is awfully fun…and occasionally helpful. Eric and I wouldn’t have gotten the data plans if it weren’t for the free phones (you can’t NOT get a smart phone when it’s free) Ok, so we’re eventually going to pay for the phones and then some via the data plan, but what can ya’ do? 🙂

    Here’s what I enjoy about my phone.
    1. Receiving work emails when I’m out and about so I can respond quickly (and appear to be in the office)
    2. Definitely the Genius button (GPS/directions, compose messages using only your voice!)
    3. Calendar/schedule/notes! Love that! (and it syncs SO easily with all things Gmail and Facebook. Whether you get a smart phone or not, make Gregor show you how to use the Google calendar)
    4. References. ( for scripts, review lessons, etc.)
    4. Last minute look-ups (store hours, directions to a restaurant, movie reviews, etc.)
    5. Swipe! The new way to text – just drag your finger from letter-to-letter. So fast & easy. By the way, we don’t have texting either, but I just downloaded textPlus (a FREE texting app)
    6. And today I even used the voice recording while I was driving – to help me remember my grocery list. 🙂

    In summary, it is a little excessive, but I don’t think I’ll regret it for at least another few months (when the honeymoon wears off)…

  3. Eric

    Picture this for a moment: Remember when the Little Mermaid breaks the ocean’s surface, flips her hair back, arches her back and sings “Part of your World,” all while the sunlight, setting, and symphany combine to create a magical crescendo? That will be you when you get a smart phone. Isn’t it about time that you became . . . part of that world?

  4. Glenn Makechnie

    Don’t have one yet. Still have a girly texty phone that is turning 2 this month. Going to work in a week. Will need a data phone then. Don’t know if they will pay for it yet. When I get one, I will let you know.


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