Into the Wild Blue Yonder…

We’ve had our share of trips…many many field trips.  Each class goes sometime during the last two weeks of school.  Gregor went on all of them this year.  First with Nelson to Odion Point in Maine.  Gregor was reminded how tight a school bus is.  

Then he went with Brynne to Squam Lake Science Center.  We were low on food and he got Brynne-size portions in a Barbie lunch box.  Oh it makes me laugh to see him eating his tiny chicken nuggets next to the other parents.

Paige was mad she didn’t get to go too.

Cope went on a whale watch in Boston but no parents allowed!
The last day of school.  Wow.  Another year older.  A middle-schooler next year!
And since it’s almost Father’s Day I’ll tell you a funny story.  
Last month I made a very impulsive purchase.  I’m blaming it on  Do you know it?  It featured some very fun Williams-Sonoma Star Wars pancake shapes for only $19.99!  What fun we would have – what JOY Nelson would feel opening the present and making pancakes with his mother.  When Gregor asked what I’d bought and I told him he said, “Frivolous purchase Amy.  Very frivolous.”  And I did feel a bit guilty because of course I had to buy the little pancake shaker thing to make perfect Star Wars pancakes and then the shipping…
But then, the other morning Gregor said, “Do you remember me asking you a question last night?” Hmmm.  Nope, couldn’t remember.  He said, “Sailboat?”  And then I did remember.  He came up while I was SLEEPING and said, “Amy there’s a sailboat on Craig’s List.”
“No.”  I remember saying this even with my eyes closed.
“Uh-uh.”  I remember shaking my head and falling back asleep.
So I said, “I do remember!  I was sleeping and I said no!”
Gregor smiled and said, “Since you were sleeping we’ll just chalk that up to clouded judgement.”
Gregor has wanted a sailboat for years and he finally found the right boat for the right price.
This baby is heavy.
After mowing the lawn in the 88 degree heat, Nelson and Gregor went out for a 3 hour sail.  Seeing Nelson bound off shrieking, “Daddy fell off twice. It was AWESOME!” was pretty great.  I have yet to sail but I can’t wait.  I think this will make for some great memories.  And I think Gregor got off easy.  Way too easy.
We tease our Daddy but we love him so.

We had Art and Heather over for dinner.  I love seeing Gregor and his dad converse.
Happy Father’s Day.  I love these guys.
I get to see my own Dad as we make the big trip west.  Whenever we’d go on a big trip he’d belt out, “Off we go into the wild blue yonder, off we go into the…” something or other.  We leave tomorrow night and drive straight through to Omaha.
Then we hit Bear Lake.
“And here we have Idaho, winning her way to fame.”  My dad grew up on a farm there and all of us kids know the song by heart.  The only state song I know.  Love that dad.
Then we’ll be camping in the Uinta Mountains in Utah.
Can’t wait to hit the point of the mountains and know we’re almost there. That dry desert heat.
Love it.  It’s been too long.
So until next time-
Off we go into the wild blue yonder!

5 thoughts on “Into the Wild Blue Yonder…

  1. Lindsey

    Love this blog! So happy Gregor made the boat purchase – clouded judgement or not, you guys will have tons of fun on that for years to come! Have SO much fun on your trip! We’ll miss you!

  2. Cassandra Nelson

    You’ll love it. We had a sailboat growing up, and we didn’t go out on it nearly enough, but I definitely have fond memories. Just make sure Gregor wears his sunscreen!


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