The Puke Workout

With a name like that, how could I resist?  It was on the docket for today, Friday, at 5 a.m.  Sarah and I picked up another running buddy, Maryn, who is super good it’s intimidating.  She ran a 3:23 at the Boston Marathon which is about 7:30min. splits.  For 26 miles.  That amazes me.  It’s good to run with people who are faster than you though.  And it’s fun to get to know someone new.  Believe me, running that early in the morning will bond you with anyone.

So what’s the puke workout?

Warm-up for 10 min.  Nice easy pace.
Surge for 2 min.  We did a 7 min. pace.
Recovery 1 min.  Nice easy pace.
Surge 1 min.
Recover 30 seconds.
Surge 1 min.
Recover 30 seconds.
Repeat until puke.

Actually, we only did two repetitions of this and nobody puked.  It went by fast and was an easy way to get 5 miles in on the rail trail.  Next time we’ll do three reps.

Puke workout is good for anyone looking to increase pace.  It helps your body get used to running at a high speed with little recovery.  Any type of surge in exercise is good for weight loss too.  It revs up the body and makes it work harder to adjust to a new pace.  Burn baby burn.  This could just be speeding up during a walk.

Do puke workout 1 x week.

Try it, you’ll like it!

How do I feel now?  It’s 12:30 friday and I feel pretty good.  I’ve been up for eight hours.  When you finish a run and it’s only 6 a.m. boy do you feel accomplished!  And it’s so great to have that workout done for the day.  I came home, fed the chickens, let the dog out, ate a peanut butter sandwich and took a shower BY MYSELF.  Amazing.  6:30 rolled around and it was time to wake up the kids.  You’ll feel so good you’ll sing songs in a happy voice.  Boy will they like that 🙂

I’ll need to lay down on the couch in about an hour but that’s ok too.  The girls will be watching their show and I can snuggle with them.  Quality time, I tell you.  Quality.


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