When Mom Visits

Here’s my mom with her grandkiddies
For the past few years my mom has stayed 4-6 weeks in January.
When Mom visits:
1. There is lots of babysitting
2. Maggie and Haggie bedtime stories
3. Piano lessons with the kids
4. A project  
This year she caulked all the cracks inside, then painted all the white trim in our house.
5. Large purchases of Diet Coke – she needs the energy for all that painting
6. Commentary
7. Book discussions
8. Bathroom cleaning
9. She made my bed every morning
10. Snuggling with kids moments before they have to get up to face the cold dark morning
11. Multiple loads of laundry for Amy
12.  Folding and putting it away for Amy!
13. Amy can run in the morning without pushing that big stroller or holding a dog leash
14. Help in the dining hall
15. We dye each other’s roots (Am I really admitting that?)
16. She eats my hidden Twix bars
17. She watches Gilmore Girls with Gregor and me
18. Good company
19. She tells you the truth, not just what you want to hear
20. Constantly looking to beautify – either the yard or my bedroom, she’s always helping out
Thank you mom!  We love you!

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