Treadmill Truths…

You know how much I hate the treadmill? 
Oh let me tell you.
It’s so painful.  I absolutely hate it.
However, a snowy New England doesn’t allow for many outdoor runs.
And for Christmas my dad signed me up for the CARS:  Capital Area Race Series.
6 races between March and July.
It’s motivating to train when I’ve got a race coming up.  Now I have at least 6.
I know if I don’t want to lose speed and fitness I can’t take a couple months off.
In comes the treadmill.
I don’t have one at the house but luckily, I’ve got Proctor.
Fitting in a workout is always hard but you know, you make things work if they’re important enough.
Yesterday was my first run outside after two months.  Oh man it was so great.  Came up with this:
Treadmill Truth #1:  The treadmill is a mental game.  Need mental toughness?  Run the treadmill.
Treadmill Truth #2:  Intervals not only build speed but pass the time MUCH quicker.  Warm-up, hold fast pace 2 minutes, run comfortable 2 minutes.  Repeat until mileage goal is achieved or until you fall off the contraption.
Treadmill Truth #3:  A 10 minute pace on a treadmill feels like an 8:20 pace on the road.  Mental game again?  Ah! It kills me.
Treadmill Truth #4:  The treadmill most mimics running outside but jumping on an elliptical or bike also works those legs and are easier on the body.
Treadmill Truth #5:  The dreaded treadmill kept me healthy this winter.  Completely convinced.  Exercising moves cells all over the body, and that includes immunity cells.  I’ve had only touches of yuck.  Nothing full-fledged.
Treadmill Truth #6:  An ipod, the olympics on t.v. and lights out are my favorite way to run inside. Running between 3-5pm also insures there will be loads and loads of teenagers to watch.  This is as entertaining as the t.v.
Treadmill Truth #7:  You make yourself run on a treadmill, running outside will feel like a treat.
Treadmill Truth #8:  Treadmills are usually close to weight machines.  Quick strength workout before a run made easier.
Treadmill Truth #9:  3-4 miles on the treadmill feels like 10 outside.  Wobbly legs, light-headed…the whole bit.
Treadmill Truth #10:  The treadmill forces you to run at a consistent pace.  Huge plus mentally and when preparing for a race.
Overall, the treadmill is a great invention!  And I hate it!  
And these are my truths.
With a week of snow coming I might have to trudge back and apologize.  Pretty sure it will take me back.

3 thoughts on “Treadmill Truths…

  1. kimmalee

    Yes. Yes. And yes. I agree wholeheartedly with each and every truth. I am LOVING living in Texas because I’ve just started running and I can really run outside, even with my babe in a stroller, all year round because it is rarely too cold to take myself and my babe out for a little run. I am, therefore, dreading our move to Pennsylvania because I want so badly to keep running and feeling in shape and I have SUCH a hard time feeling motivated to run on a machine.

  2. Allison Nelson

    I’m an anomaly – I heart the treadmill! Running outside seems like torture b/c it seems that I am covering so much distance. On the treadmill, the time flies by for me, as do the miles. And I love the consistend speed. I do fear that it doesn’t keep me in good enough shape for actual runs on regular terrain though. 🙂

  3. Debbie Brown

    Oh – I agree mostly with Allison but Amy has some good points. I love my treadmill because it keeps my pace for me and I love the data! I’m a geek – what can I say? I love being able to see exaclty how far I’ve run, calories burned (LOVE to watch these climb- 400, 500, 600 YES!), and of course, the time. In fact, I “had” to get one of those watches this summer when I was running outside so I could still get my data – that’s what motivates me. I find running outside great – if I’m on a trail, but if I’m on the road (breathing all the lovely exhuast and hearing the cars go by), I’d rather be on the treadmill.


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