I’ve spent some time thinking about the fathers in my life.  They are  both really great men.  Wonderful examples of hard work, compassion, and wisdom.  They both know the scriptures well, pray often, and are both people I like to talk to when I need help or answers.

Here is Arthur Makechnie at his latest birthday party.  As you can see, my children love him.  He still runs the dining services at Proctor Academy as the Top Chef.  The kids run to find him as soon as they are done eating (and often sneak away before they are done).  He is always so busy but he makes time for them by giving cart rides, a cookie, or setting them up to bake bread.  Art is a very intelligent person but he’s humble; you would never know the number of degrees he has or the schools he has attended – like Harvard.  He cooks because he likes to serve others.

This is a 2004 picture of my dad, mom, and baby Brynne.  When I think of my dad I think of him smiling.  He is a person with unconditional love.  And I don’t say that lightly.  The last time I remember him being angry with me was when I was 16 and racing my brother up the street in a car.  That was a long time ago!  When I was insistent I wanted to be an actress and move to California he said, “Then you should do it,” and just like that my stubbornness melted away and I didn’t run away to CA.  But he showed support even when it wasn’t a great idea.  Both of these dads are very unmaterialistic.  My father’s former business partner arrived at work everyday in a Jaguar and would laugh at my dad’s older Buick, “Why don’t you get a better looking car?” But my dad didn’t care.  Appearance doesn’t matter to him.  
These dad’s really do have a lot in common!
We are blessed they are healthy, active, and making memories with us and our kids.
Happy Father’s Day!
Gregor, you are next!

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